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Hannah Montana Forever – Who Is Hannah Montana? DVD Review

Hannah Montana Forever Dvd Cover

Hannah Montana Forever, Who Is Hanna Montana?

  • DVD Release Date: November 2, 2010
  • Rated: G (General Audience)
  • Run Time: 182 minutes
  • Studio: Disney Channel/Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
  • ASIN: B003TT2X5Y

For the last four years the character Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana truly has been “The Best of Both Worlds.” As television audiences have watched her grow from teen to young adult, her alter egos gave us laughs and lessons to ponder as she showed the tension and humor of leading a double life. She balanced normal and celebrity life with the flip of a wig in order to keep her secret identity secret. Oh, were reality only that simple!

Miley’s music and amusing physical humor made c. 96 G-rated episodes work. They made for good tween and teen audience entertainment as they subtly taught about things like life itself, peer pressure, and how things change.

Are lies justifiable? Is tricking others OK? Hannah Montana Forever touches on these questions as it wraps up its fourth Disney Channel programming season and its real life star Miley Cyrus moves on in her career. She was an amazing child star grown into a teen talent; she is about to rocket now into life as a young adult. Good luck to her.

I just received my copy of the Disney Hannah Montana Forever, Who Is Hanna Montana? DVD. As I popped it into the DVD
player, I realized it was the one-hour “I’ll Always Remember You” broadcast November 7 when I was staying on property in WDW. (Exhausted from an on the go vacation, I fell asleep as Miley had to make a big decision–specifically, what to do about boyfriend Jesse’s ultimatum of not being able to deal with things as long as things there was two of of her to deal with.)

I chose not to fast-forward to her decision. Instead I smiled and rewatched scenes of Dr. Phil Mc Graw, her conscience prodding, and some of her reminiscences of the past. I knew that filming on Hannah Montana had officially ceased May 14, 2010, and the cast and crew had said their final goodbyes. I imagined how the writers would tie up things for the ordinary kid vs phenomenon role. In the end did the truth out or not? Then I watched her return to the Leno Show scene. You all know that I am not going to tell you its resolution. Find that out for yourself.

The Disney Hannah Montana Forever video released November 2, 2010, includes along with the leadup to a big reveal some blasts from the past. Running time is 185 minutes. “De-Do-Do-Do, Da-Don’t-Don’t-Don’t Tell My Secret!,” “Achy Jakey Heart (Part 1 and 2)”, “Miley, Get Your Gum”, and pilot “Lilly, Do You Want to Know a Secret?” show the day to night existence of Miley Cyrus’s famous fictional counterpart. Sweet Niblets indeed! Although the Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana persona matured and revamped sets reflected a change in times, nevertheless, it is refreshing to look back and see hands on parenting, respect for authority figures, guidance, and the innocence of youth.

Wish there were more special features. Only a BONUS EXCLUSIVE 2-minute sneek peek at Ashley Tisdale’s upcoming movie, “Sharpay’s Famous Adventure” is included.

Remember the Fourth Season of HM is not over yet. Check out the Disney Channel for more. The next episode, “Can You See the Real Me?” airs December 5.

Here’s a clip called What Kind Of Father.

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