Handy Hubby

honeydo this

Hubby is again doing sweat labor in the kitchen–refinishing and refacing cabinets. He is a real handyman. Given enough time, everything must be repaired or replaced. He is even a weatherization training expert. He does everything–siding, insulation, doors, windows.

I once again visited the Carousel of Progress, initially a featured attraction at the News York World’s Fair back in ’64. Disney Imagineers eventually moved it to its Magic Kingdom in Florida. The passage of time it chronicles is a graphic reminder how state of art can deteriorate with age. Bet hubby wishes he worked there. He would not have such a big “Honey, do” list.

2 thoughts on “Handy Hubby

  1. I dont liek the carosel of progress myself I got sick on it & im glad they took it out of Anaheim D. I guess Im lucky to have a handy hubby who prioritizes all his household duties round here he really keeps thing in check.

  2. I, too, have one of those “Handy” men- but he seems to work faster at other people’s homes. That’s OK, his list will still be hanging here.
    Someday I will get to some Disney location, any Disney location.

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