Guardsman Furniture Care Products Review


While hubby was taking care of last minute details for our outside CHRISTMAS display, I decided it was time to start my fall cleaning, room by room, before winter officially gets here. ?I have a ritual that involves cleaning my china closet, curio cabinets, and nicknack’s, polishing the floors, washing the rugs (actually hubby does that), vacuuming cloth upholstery, polishing the leather pieces, and ?leather and oiling the wood furniture. ?I hate the time it takes, but I like the results.

Just received a Guardsman Holiday Survival Furniture Kit. ?I have used Guardsman Furniture Care products for over a decade. ?They truly make everything sparkle and shine as I dust, clean, protect, and maintain. Plus factor: ?They don’t put the big hurt on time or budget.

My handy pouched tote filled with Guardsman products–deep cleaning dirt, grease, oil Wood Cleaner, wax free Wood Scent Wood Polish, fabric protector Fabrei-Coate Fabri-Kleen, an upholstery/carpet sudless cleaner, the multi-purpose Dusting Cloth, Leather Clean & Renew wipes, Leather Protector wipes, Furniture Touch-Up Markers, and reusable Water Ring Remover– is up to any challenge. ? Even though we still use a coal stove, this year Santa’s suit will not be covered in ashes and soot.

Sue Harman, home and furniture care expert, has some simple and affordable tips that I want to share with you:

Step 1: Dust

Start at the surface and pay special attention to the easy-to-miss, must-dust places such as cabinetry, shelving units, window treatments and appliances. To avoid scratching surfaces, Harman recommends using Guardsman Ultimate Dusting Cloths.

Step 2: Clean

Once the household dusting is complete, the next step is to care for the wood furniture and accessories around your home. ?Bring back the clarity in your wood furniture, framing and cabinetry by using Guardsman Wood Cleaner. ?Dirt and oils, especially in the kitchen, build up over time, creating a dull, dingy look on wood finishes…. ?To treat rings or marks on your finished wood surfaces, use the Guardsman Water Ring and Mark Remover. ?It eliminates minor blemishes caused by water, alcohol, heat, paint, cosmetics or moisture…. ?Next stop ? those pesky stains on your couch that just won?t seem to come out! Whether it?s fabric or leather, the Guardsman brand of products has the answer.

Step 3: Protect and Maintain

After all surfaces are clean, it is time to update and refresh the look of your home by restoring and protecting your furniture. ?Start by applying wood polish to all wood surfaces. ?Guardsman Wood Polish is formulated to enhance wood furniture and surfaces and, since it contains no abrasives, waxes or silicones, it will not leave a greasy residue, harm a wood finish or
leave an artificial gloss that can change the look of furniture…. Complete the wood renewal process by repairing edges, corners and frequently used surfaces that show wear with Guardsman Touch-Up Markers. ?Combining light, medium and dark shades in a single package available for black and brown furniture, these markers can be layered and blended to match most wood finishes across the home…. ?Lastly, preserve the clean and refreshed look of your fabric and leather furniture.

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