Global Access At High Speed

world wide web

Here I am at Walt Disney World on the world wide web internet, able to correspond and chat quicker than the speed of light. All right, I’m exaggerating, but service today far surpasses that of dial up or DSL. Flexibility, reliability, and value are musts. Who wants to be connected into a system without firewall security? Who wants to risk intrusion or virus?

My hotel, the Boardwalk, is one of many on property ones serviced by what I can only imagine is a t1 broadband on business ethernet. Just imagine the demand and access requirements necessary this place needs. Our service fees even came free with the room.

Hubby, daughter, and I each have our own laptop. None of us really shares very well. Each of us, therefore, has been doing his/her own thing. Having the ability to take care of business, get messages, respond, write, send pictures, research, play games, even pay bills (UGH) without according to one’s own personal schedule and convenience, makes it so much easier to relax and enjoy.

The world has come far in communication. No more clay tablets, no more papyrus scrolls, now ten years into a New Millennium, it’s electric. No, not the electric slide, silly–computers. Global access is today.

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