Empty Nest – Again

revolving door

My youngest moved out again. Sometimes I think our front door is a revolving one. His bedroom is empty. Hubby wants to leave it like that. Me I want to move on, and, to me, furnishing it is the way to begin. Years ago the downstairs room was meant to be a large rec room, but one thing or another stalled the plan. It became Bunny’s room, ET’s room, and eventually LA’s room. Like the song goes, “Three out of four ain’t bad.”

Hubby wants buy office furniture and turn into an office. Now he already has one in the old den downstairs plus a desk and cabinets taking 1/3 of the master bedroom. I say no. I value my privacy and peace of mind too much. Hey, what am I saying? Could commercial be any worse than teens turned adults who knew everything?

One thought on “Empty Nest – Again

  1. I love the picture only we “parents” who’ve been through the revolvin can appreciate it ….. I always just say here we go AGAIN…

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