Don’t Flip That House, Fix This House

flip this house

Hubby and Baby Boy (grown up into LA) are television junkies. They watch everything including infomercials. One day I found them sitting at the table making lists. They wanted to buy the 40 year old ranch down the road, unoccupied for a couple of years. It seems that they were watching Flip This House and decided it was their way to make a million–each. Optimistic fools.

Like Santa Claus, I said not a word but went straight to work leaving them in their fantasy world. Later in the day I decided on a drive by but not the violent kind. Outside the house the need for landscaping, a fence, a driveway, a porch, vinyl siding, replacement windows, and gutter protection work was apparent. I shuddered at what the inside might need.

That same evening the media was covering the economy and had a special on declining real estate. I recorded it then played it back later while my men were both in the room. They thought again about their property scheme and scrapped it. What great idea will the boys come up with tomorrow? Hey, I have one said the repair man’s wife (joke, joke), “Fix mine.”

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