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Do You Have A Shopping Plan?

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Until a few years ago, I bought the stores out for my four kids. Then they had their own families and four became twelve more or less (depending on the year). I developed a new shopping strategy two gifts per person. Frugal me decided to shop early and start buying for the following year the day after Christmas. Plan in place, I got a jump on my shopping. The problem was after I stored things, I forgot about them so back to shopping.

The next phase of the strategy was logging shopping purchases into the computer and keeping to the plan. I’ve done well with it; however, two issues are apparent: #1 I have run out of space in the garage for my car; #2 My credit card interest washed my savings. Time to rethink the whole process and come up with another plan.

I have decided to use technology. The telephone company used to advertise, “Let your fingers do the walking,” a great idea especially with the cost of gas ever rising. Instead of going store to store, I research on line and compare shopping prices on an as need basis.

My goal is to buy or set enough money for two adult gifts each month. The little ones around here get to make up their own wish lists, things I buy during the actual holiday season because children change their minds and sizes a lot.

Hubby is continuing with major kitchen renovations. Our kitchen needed it after forty+ years of being the main room in the house. New refrigerator/freezer, new sink, new faucet, new microwave, and new stove in place, hubby has his carpentry tools out and is redoing cabinets. He warned me that a new dishwasher must be factored in.

So here I sit today, warm and toasty inside, while outside is nasty, cold wet, busy finding shopping deals.

2 thoughts on “Do You Have A Shopping Plan?

  1. I am the same Pat…BIG on ideas to help organize and spread out the costs, but SMALL on space and the memory to FIND the gifts once I hide them or put them away somewhere. THEN, I have gotten caught with gifts that didnt work out for the recipient and was TOO late to do an exchange or get a refund. (Some stores like TARGET I think only have a 60 day window ) OR, the person has gone and BOUGHT the item for themselves or someone else gifts it to them .THAT hurts!

    So, I am with you…online comparisons and remembering to look for promo codes…Well, if I remember to remember. haha!
    SO, you are back in the winter wonderland? At least only a couple months til Spring! YippeeKiYaY!!!

    1. Dear Eileen,

      I have written you two or three lengthy epistles only to hit the wrong key and delete. I love hearing from you and reading your comments.

      i hate returning things. That is why I tell everyone in the family in about October that no buying in allowed and to put it on a list unless it goes through Mission Control ME for clearance. I also tell the significant others what I am getting for everyone except them to avoid duplication. I hate gift cards and money–just too impersonal, no thought and so quantifiable causing to much measuring and comparing with some recipients. Can’t please everyone so I try to please myself and it usually works.

      Leaving for Orlando at the end of next week for a few days. Daughter is going to WDW for a blogging conference and invited us to join her. I wish they had an indoor pool afterwards since I hate cold air if I am going to go into a pool. I am looking forward to stopping in some of my favorite outlet stores (Penneys and Disney Character Warehouse) on the trip down. So much I should do this week but….

      Hope this week is great for you all. Focus on the moment and savor the good ones. It helps. Be happy.


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