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Disney’s A Christmas Carol Blu-ray Review

Disneys A Christmas Carol Bluray Cover

Give the first answer that comes into your mind before I digress: How many ghosts are there in A Christmas Carol?

In my teen years I read Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol for the first time. ?I have read it many times since. ?Holiday tradition for me always included watching the traditional black and while Reginald Owens and Alistair Sims versions, the Albert Finney musical, the Broadway play, animated cartoons Mickey’s Christmas Carol and the Muppets Christmas Carol, etc., etc., etc. long before the Zemeckis/Carrey version was released a year ago.

I love how the classic novella ?brought to life 19th Century London in the winter. ?I love the imagery in the moral tale. ?I can taste Scrooge’s meager supper–a ?bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese. ?I can see in my mind’s eye Marley’s face appear in the doorknocker. ?I can hear the dragging of his heavily-weighted chains. I can feel the cold of the solitary dark damp rooms.

Last Christmas, I saw for the first time Disney’s A Christmas Carol, a Robert Zemeckis film, starring Jim Carrey. ?I was a trifle wary and wondered if a famed comedian could carry off the role of a miser faced with doom or redemption. ?I can say that chameleon-like Carrey’s acting ability shinned not only in the role of Ebenezer Scrooge down to his frequent “Bah, humbug” expletive but also in the roles of the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come.

This well-crafted animated movie (similar to the performance capture of The Polar Express) is a cinematographic delight. ?Its use of light reflects the mood appropriately. ?Special effects are brilliant. Now, I am not referring to special 3-D effects for let’s face it most of us still view our Blu-Ray DVD’s in Blu-Ray 2D. ? Instead, what I am speaking of, is the staging, scenery, and costuming all accurate of the Victorian Era. ?The ultimate visuals are striking, breath-taking images.

I found this 98 minute running ?time version dark, complex, and uncompromising. ?Even its dialogue mirrored the book. ?The scary frightening moments were there as they should be. ?Dickens was writing a cautionary tale for adults. ?Some may feel that technology overpowered tone but not me. ?Zemeckis succeeded in achieving a faithful remake. ?This moral tale of miserable life, ?wasted youth, and acts of inhumanity to fellow man may seem frightening and scary to some small children; hence, it has a PG rating.

On November 6, 2010, the Blu-Ray + DVD of Disney’s A Christmas Carol was released. ?It can be purchased online and in most local stores for MSRP $49.99. ?I know I will enjoy watching Disney’s A Christmas Carol again and again.

Here’s a clip of The Cratchet Household.

Back to the question: ?The correct number is four (4).

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