Disney Baby Einstein Baby Mozart Discovery Kit Review

Baby Einstein Baby Mozart

It seems such a short time ago that I received a baby shower invitation for a woman from a generous, big family who was given everything. Baby furniture, linens, clothes, toys even well care items–they were all checked off her registry. I was at a loss and gave something lame. You guessed it–a gift card. How quantifiable and without thought were my feelings then and now.

I wish I had known about the Disney Baby Einstein Discovery Kits at the time. Like some advertising genius claims, they truly are where discovery begins. They top my gift-giving list for boys and girls 3-24 months old. With a little help from mom/dad, what a way to help parent-child bonding by listening, talking, and reading together!

I got some hands on time with the Baby Einstein: Baby Mozart Discovery Kit myself recently. I never knew that Mozart wrote any music for “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. It is one of classic music selections played for little ears. Live and learn, that is what it is all about. From roosters to balls to butterflies and more, its colors and images are sure to delight tiny sons and daughters the way it did me.

The kit features:

  • Discovery Kit Level 1: Experience
  • Feature Show – Plus Two “Mini-Shows”
  • Baby’s First Concert Hall – A Music-Only Experience
  • A parent’s Journey Inside the Baby Mozart Discovery Kit

With its DVD, book, music CD, and parent guide, mothers and fathers can share seeing the video with their little ones, read to them, then hear it again. I call that multi-sensory learning plus it succeeds in entertaining kids.

The Baby Mozart Discovery Kit has a running time of 28 minutes. It is innovative and interactive. Released November 23, 2010, it can be found online and in local stores like Toys R Us and Target. Its SMRP is $19.99. Other kits are available and organized to develop experience, exploration, and expression.

I received this free Discovery Kit through a Click Communications/Baby Einstein program however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and no other monetary compensation took place.

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