Confidence Is A Factor In Success

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Have you ever read the children’s story about the little engine who thought he could? You really should. Having faith and belief in yourself can make things happen. For example, if you put obstacles in your path then, in all likelihood, you will fail. However, it you are confident in your capabilities then, odds are, you will succeed. Take losing weight. You want a diet pill that really work, well, it is in your head. You alone have the power to conquer or sabotage your efforts. You just have to help yourself along with things like good nutrition, water, and daily exercise.

2 thoughts on “Confidence Is A Factor In Success

  1. I agree with Sarah. Thanks for the reminder! I needed that as I look for a teaching job in a field that’s flooded with applicants. Even though I have 20 years experience in the public school system, I think the younger teachers are sometimes given preference. Also, I stayed home for ten years so I’m not up on all the latest trends, etc. (although I’m learning)

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