Caillou Pretends to Be DVD Review

caillou caillou pretends to be dvd

Caillou: Caillou Pretends To Be

  • Available on DVD on Marc h 16, 2010
  • Run Time: 100 minutes
  • Not rated
  • Studio: PBS (DIRECT)
  • SRP $14.99, available online and where most DVDs are sold

Spring break here in New Jersey brought a deluge of rain, a shortened Easter recess, and a visit from my grandson Pooh who is always sweet, loving, and caring. Entertaining the child is never a problem. He happily plays with his cars for hours on end, and with the TV on for background noise doesn’t seem to mind being alone.

Pooh loves children’s programming. His tastes have gradually evolved from Teletubbies to Blue’s Clues to Dora to Wiggles to Playhouse Disney. One of his favorites is Caillou an animated Canadian production for PBS. My daughter had warned me that earlier this week he had been mesmerized by the Caillou Pretends to Be DVD so he might not enjoy seeing it again only a few days later. WRONG, COMPLETELY WRONG! Pooh not only was mesmerized by the video yesterday, but he also found it again today and insisted Grammy play it for him.

Pooh relates to construction sites, weddings, boats, pilots, astronauts, and superheros. Doesn’t every child? The tales feature a grandma like me reading to her grandchildren, four year old bald-headed Caillou and his sister Rosie. Its animation itself encourages reading early on. Caillou’s questioning (too some whining) is how the young learn. Imagination opens worlds and knowledge. The twelve adventures in which Caillou explores the world’s as well as special DVD features like games, printable coloring pages, music videos along with a message to parents are well worth the $14.99 list. The adventures include:

* Caillou the Patient
* Caillou the Police Officer
* Grandpa?s Friend
* Captain Caillou
* The Loudest Noise
* Caillou?s First Wedding
* Caillou the Road Builder
* Caillou?s Building Adventure
* House in the Sky
* Magnet Madness
* Caillou the Dinosaur Hunter
* Caillou the Astronaut

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