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BOOK REVIEW – Private By James Patterson

Private James Patterson Book Cover

PRIVATE by James Patterson

Publisher: Little Brown and Company
Category: Fiction, Suspense & Thrillers
Publish Date: 06/28/2010
Price: $14.99/$16.99
ISBN: 9780316102032

Shortly before its release, I received a review copy of Private, James Patterson’s newest release. It was a quick read for me. I must say that I am neither surprised that CBS is developing a drama around it nor that the author has international spin offs in the works.

The opening pages introduce former marine war hero Jack Morgan haunted. He could not save a comrade in Afghanistan even though a friend Del Rio saved his. Two years later he is summoned to California State Prison by Tom Morgan, convicted extortionist and murderer. The man is his father and he gives him $15,000,000 to restart his old P. I. firm which trades on connections and advanced forensic tools.

Five more years pass. Jack Morgan and Private are thriving, prosperous, and busy. His people are working with the L. A.P. D. on solving the serial killing of at least a dozen school girls. Then things are put on hold when his former lover Shelby Cushman is murdered and his friend Abbie is the prime suspect. Can Jack solve this one, or is he too personally involved? His sibling rival twin Tommy’s life and company Private Security are spiraling out of control. What can he do to help the brother he hates, and how is Uncle Fred involved?

I let readers find out what happens for themselves. Be forewarned: This hero doesn’t play by the rules, and given the choice of revenge or justice, don’t bet on his choice.

I wish the three subplots of the novel weren’t unrelated. The story would have flowed better had they been. I wish that there had been more shocks and twists between the pages. Nevertheless, I enjoyed Private. Its first person narration and image provoking descriptors brought me right in.

Look for James Patterson’s Private, released June 28, 2010, on line and in most bookstores. The hardcover edition lists for $27.99. Its publisher is Little Brown and Company. Its ISBN is 9780316096157. It is a thriller.

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