Bill Nye The Science Guy – VSP’s myth buster – Tells Us If Carrots Really Are Good For Our Eyes

Most of us have heard many old wives’ tales like carrots help vision, old glasses are bad for the eyes, 3-D is harmful, and eye exams can diagnose illnesses like diabetes. VSP recently teamed up with Bill Nye, the Science Guy, and Dr. Phelps, an M. D., to educate the public about eyes and eye care.

One thing that many of us have probably heard is that eating carrots is good for your eyes. Here’s the scoop on that.

Wondering if 3D movies cause motion sickness?

Here are some things these clips show. Lots of different vitamins help keep eyes healthy. The eyes need moisture. Symptoms of illnesses like diabetes and hypertension show in the eyes. Problems with binocular coordination can show up while watching 3-D shows. Eye health exams are recommended yearly.

I myself like to see the world around me so I schedule a visit to my eye care physician. 20/20 is the way to go. I just learned about a VSP Eyewear Makeover Photo Contest that I intend to enter. I would love winning a full eye exam, prescription and frames worth $500. Wouldn’t you? For more information on how to enter, visit the Contest tab on VSP’s Facebook Page (, and submit a photo of you in glasses. That’s it.

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