Bariatric Surgery, My Choice

I am the 135 pound young adult woman who morphed with the years into a 250 pound senior. Dieting failed. Medical problems abound. I walked with difficulty. That was the situation when I decided to try control of my life for me.

I decided to have bariatric lap band surgery seventeen months ago. My current weight is 180 pounds–not bad for a large framed, 5 foot six inch inactive senior. I love the positive compliments people who know me give. I have dropped down many sizes. My 24’s have been replaced with 14’s. I feel better about myself. I’ve still got a way to go. I really should exercise more.

It’s all about health. It’s all about choosing personal right and best. When I lose ten more pounds, I’ll decide my next weight goal. I drink lots of water, watch calories and what I consume, take vitamin and calcium, and supplement my diet with protein shakes. My physicians warned me at the start that my eating habits would change and I would need to limit quantities. If not, I knew the possible side effects. I pay when I disregard the rules. YUK! I SLIME and sliming is definitely not slimming.

DFN: Sliming is regurgitating food. It occurs when the body creates saliva and mucus to aid someone in throwing up. No one ever wants to experience the soft, moist, slippery, sticky, mucous-like matter coming back up. Awkward, embarrassing, uncomfortable. Beward of the burps that come along.

Overfilling the newly created small pouch and its opening into the actual stomach means trouble. Obstructions cause food not to pass so what does not go down definitely goes up. How to avoid getting something stuck at the band opening? In my own case, I select wet foods. I enjoy soups, potatoes, many fruits and vegetables, and flaky fish. I stay away from greasy, fried food. I avoid bread, rice, and pasta because they swell when digested.

My best friends are my blender and food processor. My advice: chew a lot (40X per mouthful recommended), eat small bites, eat slowly, have several small meals rather than the traditional breakfast, lunch, and supper, and drink nothing when eating or for the 45 minutes to an hour after.

Would I have bariatric surgery again? Without question or reservation YES, YES, YES. It was the right thing for me and my own decision, no one else’s.

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  1. This is very informative. I agree that sometimes dieting and exercise isn’t enough and one needs to undergo surgery. Thank you for sharing about your experience.

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