Amprobe VP-600SB Electrical Tester Review

Amprobe Vp600sb

We have been decorating our home, both inside and outside, for many, many years. ?While we may not be the Griswolds or the Osbornes, our displays use “lotso” lights. ?Too bad almost all our lighting is series.?I would hate to count the hours and days hubby spends every year checking out bulbs one by one to search for the bad boy(s) who cause malfunction. ? Please let me explain.

Simple physics: ?In series lighting, every light must work for the string of lights to light. ?All bulbs must function. ?One burnt out bulb means darkness. ?Christmas lights and decorations in this 21st Century are normally wired in series–cheaper and easier than parallel wiring. ?Wish I knew about the Amprobe VP-600SB Noncontact Voltage Detector Shaker before we started preparing the strings of holiday lights last month. ?It beeps; it lights; it vibrates to show where the problem is or isn’t.

This electrical tester truly works fast and only an inch away from the cord, extension or outlet being tested. Check out this video to see how one Santa saves Christmas.

Available at Lowe’s Home Improvement Centers, its average retail price is $15.95. What a great stocking stuffer for anyone who loves tools and gadgets!

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