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I am a mom four times over as well as a grandma an equal number of times. Way back in the days, my first wore cloth diapers washed in a semi-automatic washing machine. Now that was dirt and drudgery. Thank goodness for today’s disposables. Thank goodness for great laundry products that are gentle yet still clean stains. I just finished trying a bottle of All Free Clear and recommend it highly.

I recently returned home from a trip with loads of laundry–gentle, whites, permapress, and regular. While I was traveling, hubby was great and did most of his own dirty clothes. What he did leave me though was his grimy, greasy work clothes. I sorted the clothes into piles and began early. Whites first. I added some bleach. Wow! When that load was finished, it sparkled and none of my normal tomato and chocolate stains were visible. Dedicates next. Small load and cold water. Great results. All my spilled coffee and soup stains were gone from my sweater and dressy top. Next a regular load of colors. No problems there either, no colors bleeding into one another and no fading either. Last the soiled things. Adding just a bit of laundry booster into the how water and some extra detergent, I wondered if anything other than heavy duty would work. It did. Now the point to this is that every load was done with Free Clear and nothing else.

All Free Clear has teamed with author Kerry Colburn to put together tips, advice, and ways to save money. Check out Be sure to visit too for more information and coupons. This detergent is made for sensitive skin, has no perfumes or dyes, and costs less than comparable laundry products on the market.

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