A Family Adventure In Cleaning

silent alarm button

Years ago my newly married daughter took a job as a nanny to help out. Since she didn’t earn much and had just bought a new car, she decided to supplement her income with a part-time evening job with an industrial cleaning supply company that contracted with the local banks.

One time she was called in early and took two toddler boys along with her. She cautioned them to be good, not touch anything, and not get into trouble. Well, we all know boys will be boys. She went into the maintenance closet to take out the janitorial cleaning supplies and get to work. She looked around. All was well–she thought.

Suddenly, a couple of squad cars pulled up to the door and several policemen piled out with guns drawn, shouting, “Open up, and put up your hands.” Naturally, she did just that.

As they went about checking every nook and cranny, one of the men noticed a silent alarm had been pulled. The button was sticky. Investigation proved it was lollipop. Luckily, the investigation also proved that not one bit of those green cleaning supplies included paper goods or coins.

She kept the job but never again took either toddler with her anywhere that meant business. I don’t blame her one bit. You see the toddlers were mine, and I knew what imps they were then. Come to think of it, two decades later, they still are.

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