2010 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – Wits & Wagers Family Game

Wits & Wagers Family Game

Being born before the age of electronics, toys came fully assembled. Most of them required nothing other than imagination–no special equipment, no batteries, no electricity. ?Games required thought not flicking fingers. ?People got together to spent time talking and playing. ?It was a simpler life in a simpler time. ?Since my own kids then grandkids were born, my holiday tradition includes giving board games. ?Maybe it is a blast from the past, but it is my tradition.

I recently discovered Wits & Wagers Family from North Star Games . ?Designed for ages 8+, three to ten can play as individuals or in teams. ?The game itself includes 150 question cards, 5 dry erase answer boards, 5 dry erase pens, 1 dry erase score board, rules and instructions, and 5 large and 5 small Meeples. ?The Meeples, respectively worth 2 points or 1 point each, ?are fun, cute, human shaped wooden playing pieces.

Questions are varied, kid friendly, and not loaded toward adults. After all this is a family edition. ? They ask about lots of facts and figures. ?The first player to garner 15 points is the winner. ?Play time averages 20 minutes per game.

Playtime. ?A question is poised. Everyone writes down his answer and places his answer on the table. ?Next everyone chooses the best answer in his opinion and marks it with a Meeple. ?Scoring is simple–max. per round is 4–1 point for correctly placing a Small Meeple, 2 for a Large Meeple, 1 if your answer is closest.

For SMRP $19.98, Wits & Wagers Family can be found at places like Target, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and many specialty toy stores. It’s something made for the whole family.

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