2010 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – Rock N Learn Phonics Volumes 1 and 2

Rock N Learn Phonics Volume 1 Rock N Learn Phonics Volume 2

Standard operating procedure for Christmas shopping around here includes no clothes, cash, gift cards just fun things. I love to load up the Christmas tree with presents for the little ones. When everyone was home, it took hours and hours for the family to unwrap and open all the presents.

I always included something educational for the little ones–flash cards, learning toys, electronic games, books, and records. (Did I just show my age?) It is no different two generations later. The holidays will soon be here, so I have already begun my shopping list. My granddaughter is getting loads of toys and some educational DVD’s which I really like. Here is a little about them.

Rock N Learn’s Phonics, Volumes 1 and 2, are recommended for children ages six and up but that is not an absolute. My own youngest LA surprised me at four when he read one of his Irish twin’s library books. You see I never taught him how to read. He just watched me with his 14 month older brother and listened and learned.

These animated DVD’s are kid friendly; however, they can be used by anyone reading in a regular, special education, remedial, ESL or even adult classroom. Their catchy songs and cool contemporary characters make for simple self-learning. By listening they get to learn, practice, and apply skills at their own pace. The outcome is improved spelling and reading.

Rock n Learn Phonics Volume 1 includes vowels, short vowel sounds, beginning consonants with vowels, c, g, qu, x, phonemic segmentation, oral blending, putting it all together, simple phrases, rhyming words, double consonants, plural s and ending s, ending blends, three-letter blends, consonant digraphs and trigraphs, silent e, and more.

Rock N Learn Phonics Volume 2 includes long a, long e, long i, long o, long u, ar , er, ir, ur, or, ire, are, air ,diphthongs, au, aw, all, a, syllables, schwa, phonemic segmentation, ending sounds, endings, y and le, rule breakers, ph and gh, memory words, and more.

This creative video manages to make teaching reading entertaining. It is more than just picking up a book and doing it. Phonics, Volume 1 and Phonics, Volume 2 are available in education specialty stores and catalogs. They retail for $19.99 each or $34.99 a set. Go to www.rocknlearn com for more information or to purchase.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I am always on the lookout for movies that will be both entertaining and fun while the kids learn

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