2010 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – Photostory


I remember in the 70’s my daughter then 10 writing and illustrating a story for a library project. We thrilled when her finished book was put on display. Unfortunately, however, it was never returned to us. I also remember my middle son a few years back asking me to tell him about my life then giving me a journal. Alas! I am still working on it.

Last year a Board Book Album, Hallmark DVD Greetings, a Moo Mosaic Frame, and a Personalized YourCover were my choices for perfect presents for my four adult children. The best thing was they thought so too. This year I found another perfect gift, actually two, that I want to share with my readers. They are Creations by You’s Illustory and Photostory. Both create professionally made hardcover books. I wish I had found them years ago.

Creations by You makes personalized activity kits than when completed become professionally-produced hardback books. IlluStory is geared to both hand and computer artwork; PhotoStory is geared to photography. From children to teen adults, both products become unique keepsakes of never-to-be-forgotten special moments in time.

I decided now is the time for my autobiography and the PhotoStory kit is the right way to go. I hesitated for a bit because I didn’t think 15 pages would be enough for me to cover my life (I tend to be long winded). Problem solved when I discovered additional books and longer books up to 50 pages are also available for purchase.

FYI: There are 8 storage bins minimum of old photo prints besides tens of thousands of digital ones I have to sort. Once I get my pictures organized and selected, I’ll fill in the text. After I choose from seven different covers and five different layout pages, I do the rest online. Designed for kids and young adults, even technologically impaired me can do this right. I can handle its fun, user friendly options like brightness/contrast, crop, sepia/black and white.

PhotoStory, (the first online photobook tool specifically for kids and teens) was named the 2010 creative child product of the year. It retails for $21.95. The online tool is complete with hundreds of paintable backgrounds and stickers and even includes free-hand drawing tools so kids and teens can digitally scrapbook their photos to add an even greater creative touch.

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