2010 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – Kidzbop Dance Moves DVD

Kidz Bop Dance Moves

Coordinated I am not, or balanced. My aunt a great dancer tried to teach me simple steps before I even started school. I failed miserably. I avoided school dances obviously. I didn’t want to embarrass myself.

When I was asked to inlude the Kidz Bop Dance Moves DVD on my holiday list, I agreed. I think I hoped that watching the video would magically turn me into a candidate for Dancing with the Stars. It didn’t. I still am without twinkle toes, BUT others don’t have to follow my lead. Perhaps had I had this instructional dance video back in the days, I would have learned how to dance. Point of interest: To avoid history repeating, I sent my little girl at five to dance school. Now she can dance.

Kidz Bop is real dancing. Having a talented professional like Caitlin Gray help choreograph kids helps the tracks rollick and romp. Watching a teen celebrity like High School Musical 3’s Megan Honore instruct kids keeps things with the times. Kidz Bop shows real kids like Dana and Valerie demoing the moves. Just loved them capering and
cavorting on the dance floor. Having fun is what it is all about. Just remember though that learning the steps takes time and practice.

Terpsichore would be proud of the instruction. Pick a level then advance at your own pace from beginner to intermediate to advanced to expert. Start slow then up the speed. Replay again and again and enjoy the process. It all comes down to focus and watching, listening, and learning. Do your own boom boom pow and more as you watch Kidz Bop music videos, which include Party in the U. S. A., Single Ladies, Evacuate the Dancefloor, Telephone, Don’t Stop the Music, and Fire Burning.

Kidz Bop Dance Moves is available for purchase for $12.49 at www.kidzbop.com.

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