2010 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – John Daly’s Prostroke Golf Video Game

John Dalys Prostroke Golf Video Game Box

My middle son always talks about golfing. My little grandson always delights in playing it on a Wii. Time for me to find out more about this popular sport before I invest in clubs and balls, don’t you think?

A few days ago I received PS3’s John Daly’s Prostroke Golf. Sans a Playstation Move peripheral, I had to use the analog controller that came with the system. Exercise and coordination are not my strong so I did the perfunctory tutorial videos and commentaries. Real golfers should consider them lucky that I was not on the green. I considered?myself lucky to be able to learn from the Lion John Daly. I could have done without the Loudmouth garb though.

I liked my first person view and was ready for a fun experience with twelve different courses and golfer models. Middle son demonstrated for me how to swing the club, rotate the wrist, and adjust the slice and hook. I didn’t do well on that at all, but, at least, the putts were easy.

Faults: The announcer’s accent was distracting. I couldn’t figure out what I did wrong the times the ball disappeared. The visuals could have been better.

Strengths: This golf game ‘s realism comes from it being down to earth rather than dramatic or theatrical. Amateurs like me don’t need super-power shots or the ability to spin the ball mid-air. Its pro-shot control helps judge how to judge the right speed, stroke, and ball contact. Generic maybe–just remember this is for everyone of all ages and skill levels–that’s why I would not play it online.

This is what Playstation says about it:

  • EVERYONE CAN PLAY: John Daly?s ProStroke Golf? is accessible to players of all ages and skill levels, whether you play with PlayStation?Move motion controller or the Dualshock?3 Wireless Controller.
  • UNIQUE PROSTROKE CONTROL: Perfect your swing and hit the ball with stunning accuracy.
  • FULL PLAYSTATION MOVE SUPPORT: Swing with the PlayStation?Move to enjoy the most accurate golf experience available anywhere.
  • COURSES: Enjoy several licensed courses from around the world including commentary from the famous voices of golf.
  • CHALLENGE JOHN DALY: Compete against John ?The Lion? Daly in various challenges including Longest Drive and Nearest the Pin.
  • PLAY ONLINE OR ON A SINGLE CONSOLE WITH UP TO 4 PLAYERS: Improve your swing and your important short game, go head-to-head or pair up with friends in a variety of modes including Quick Play, Tournament, Challenge and Practice

Its description of key features is accurate. If you like golf and can’t get a round in, this virtual reality game is a good substitute. Listing at $49.99, it is available online as well as in toy and electronic store shelves now.

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