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2010 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – Disney Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue Toys And Other Products

A couple of weeks back I was in Hollywood lucky enough to preview Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue. I call it a great home entertainment movie families will love. Little girls and big ones too already love this impish pixie. I know my hard to please when it comes to stylin’ tween granddaughter actually wears her character tops, owns her own Tinker Bell DVD collection, and has lots of accessories (decals, ornaments, water globes) to boot.

Just wait until she sees what’s in the stores now. Tie-in merchandising for Tinker Bell and The Great Fairy Rescue is a wow! With birthdays and the holidays coming, I know I am in for some “shop until I drop” moments between clothes, PJ’s, footwear, costumes, bedding, jewelry, jewel boxes, figurines, games, sticker books, coloring and activity books, novels, back packs, school supplies, toys, and much, much more, even fruit snacks…. Whew!

Disney Fairies bedding

A couple of years ago my granddaughter’s room was done in the Princess motif. Bet she will want that home decor changed now when she sees the fairy wall art, quilts, sheets and complementing themed alarm clock. Patterns understate–plain on one side and character on the other–for changing styles and changing tastes.

Disney Fairies sneakers

For younger girls, clothes line has been made designed especially for those six through nine. It is a designer coup. Fashionable yet modest and age appropo tops, jeans, jackets, headbands, hats and gloves are subtly decorated–no prominent bold figures. Their artwork is impeccable, tasteful, and definitely not garish or babyish. Things are well made wash and wear. Prices are reasonable. Besides Disney, buyers can find a lot on the shelves of stores like Walmart, Target, and Payless.

Disney soft Lizzy doll Disney fairy house

And the toys…there are enough to fill Santa’s pack. The soft Lizzy doll complete with Tink in her pocket, the 9.5″ fashion fairy dolls with available accessory packs, 4.5″ fairy dolls, Lizzy’s Fairy House Playset, and Pixie Power Playset are sure to be must haves for those who love to play with dolls or collect them. Just wish there were a stuffed Mr. Twitcher. I’d buy him for myself.

Lenox Disney fairies

Me, I am putting the Lenox Disney Fairies Fawn, Rosetta, and Tinkerbell on my Christmas wish list. Love them all. Trimmed in gold, these 5.5 inch inch porcelain statuettes would be fantastic side pieces for my music box and globe collections.

After I browsed at my local superstore, I decided to speak to its manager on duty. I told him that a lot of the Tinker Bell items seemed dated back to the last movie Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure. I then asked about new merchandising. The man dutifully explained that the store was changing/expanding and the fall orders were still in the trucks out back. He also promised they would have it ALL and they would be out for my next visit Early Fall. I replied
Terminator-style, “I’ll be back.” I think the Disney Fairy franchise will sell big.

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