WW – Go, Go, Go Speed Racer, Go

wordless wed big t racecar

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12 thoughts on “WW – Go, Go, Go Speed Racer, Go

  1. Lorie,

    I saved for two years to afford this for hubby.  He is a big NASCAR fan in so many ways.


  2. I always wanted to do the Richard Petty Experience when I was younger — now that I am hurt there is NO WAY I could. I’ll bet he had a fabulous time, I always see the track when we drive by, it still gets me excited.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. ILareine,

    I like the truck merchasdise, pre=show, but not the actual race.  I am the minority in the family.


  4. Muthering,

    I am not the race fan–the rest of the family is.  Hubby dreeamed of doing the Ricjard Petty Experience; I got a coupon; he did.


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