Worth the Wait

Engagement Ring On Gem

Last Saturday night the ringing of the telephone awakened me. I worried for a moment then decided it must be the son who lives in Cali calling. He always forgets to add the three hours time difference between coasts. Well, it wasn’t him. It was his brother who lives in the city. At 2:00 A,. M. he decided he needed to talk to me. Now I love my son and am always there for him, but I just am not at my best at that hour.

I am deaf and do have hearing aids. I don’t wear them to bed though, and I could barely hear him. When he said he would be home the following day, I said OK and hung up. His father now awake asked me what ET wanted. I told him I wasn’t sure. Maybe he was drunk. I put my head back on the pillow to be awakened several hours later by ET. He hadn’t had anything to drink. He was cold sober. He had decided to get engaged and wanted to tell me. He forgot how I am once I get to sleep. I can even carry on a conversation. The problem is I never remember it the next morning.

ET found a lovely girl. Gem is a college senior on the Dean’s List. Her family is Polish and Catholic like ours. I think similarities are good for couples today. It gives them something to build on. Gem is pleasant, considerate, well-mannered, giving and I could go on and on except that my other two sons’ wives may get touchy. I think she can make ET happy.

ET asked for his grandmother’s engagement ring. It is a family heirloom that I promised him his bride could someday have after we lost Mom. I asked hubby to get it. The problem was hubby had the key to the lock box put away in a safe place–so safe he forgot where the key was. He finally found it and was off to get the ring.

Shined and polished, the stone glistened in its white gold setting. I gave it to my son stipulating it was to remain always within the family..

Then ET took Gem away for some private time. (I wish it could have been a more romantic setting than our wreck room but then it is not my memory; it is theirs.) Gem came back giggling. This was a good sign. After keeping his father and I waiting, he announced she had accepted his proposal. She showed us her left hand. They both looked so happy and so in love.

I’m glad that ET never rushed into marriage. The girls he dated before just weren’t for him. I know this one is though. I love her as a daughter already. Annie’s ring looks beautiful on her. I know she would like this girl as much as the rest of the family does..

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  1. Nither of you have nything to regret.  I was the adult and should have done more.  I’m sorry I left this on you kids.

  2. She is the kind of model I would hope her to be–a positive example for the people she comes into contact with,  She is generous and giving.  I always thought that beauty was skin deep but she is attractive too.  ET lucked out when Aurora introduced them and set them up.

  3. Competition is the spice of life.  Jealousy is a green-eyed monster.  In the movie ET did find a way to return to  life elsewhere.  Similarly that is what happens when people grow up.  I do not believe in putting important data like full name, address, social security number, bank information on a site.  GEM is a code name.  Every member of my family has one.  Check it out it is posted on the site.  The name like a nickname for her and her situation.  Every one’s name does in my mind art least.  

    Many a truth is said in jest.  I know you claim you are just joking around.  Look deeper into your motives.  It is good to get things out in the open though.  

  4. Obviously family means something to some of my children.  Each was promised a ring at the right time.  LA was taken care of long ago.  JP’s Aurora does not wear rings and #1Granddaughter is far too young.  ET only had to ask.  It was promised him when she died many, many years ago.  Bunny is waiting.

    In this economy things are cheap only if there is money to buy.  Most people do not have cash in pocket and rely instead on credit–something that helped bring down America’s economy to what it is now.  Look at unemployment, home forclosures and evictions, bankrupcies.  I’m glad my som remembers his Grandmother and chose that ring–there were others worth more but not to her.

  5. ET remembers her.  I know he wishes he had done more for her.  I wish I had done things differently as well.  His memories are a child’s innocence.  Her death still hurts him.

    1. Gem keeps up with her nails. I thought the same thing when I saw the results. Honest though, it was not a fix. She wouldn’t even leave it at the jeweler’s to be sized. She found one to do it on the spot. Thanks for posting your comment.

  6. What a nice story-congrats to them. I was also wondering about her nails-did she know the proposal was imminent or does she always just have perfect nails? 🙂

    1. It is not easy in today’s world for people to find the right mate. I pray that they are eternally happy together. I will pass your best wishes on. I hope to hear from you again. Thank you for your lovely thought.

  7. I think it’s terrific that ET wants to show his feelings for his grandma by asking to give that ring. He makes more money than all of us and could buy any ring but chose to that ring because it is special. ET is the only child other than myself that ever talks about her or that’s been to her grave since she died.

  8. Was that ring was worth the wait. Must be special, as with the economy you can get a big ol’ fat diamond dirt cheap nowadays.

  9. Those darn people at Universal… They lied… ET never made it home I see.

    Why would the other sons wives be upset? Maybe it’s because you like this girl more than them, and you just don’t realize it, and have a complex. You are already calling her GEM.

    ET didn’t get money from the ship before it left I guess, as he had to get someone elses ring.

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