Worldwide Sport Nutrition Pure Protein Shake review

Since I gave birth to my little girl back in ’66, I have tried dieting. I’ve tried the roller-coaster ride with a doctor and prescribed drugs. I’ve tried it with a doctor and no drugs. I have tried Weight Watchers, Lean Line, and Jennie Craig. I have even tried one advertised on a late-night informational. Needless to say I tried many times on my own. The results are always the same, good initial weight loss followed by a gradual gaining back of the poundage lost. Well, as I await lap-band surgery, I’m doing something different this time. I’m using Worldwide Sports Nutrition Pure Protein Shakes as a start me up.

worldwide pure protein frosty chocolate

I had my first can of the Frosty Chocolate Pure Protein Shake today. A ready to drink 11 fluid ounce can of this product has 35 grams of protein and four grams carbohydrates in each serving. It tastes best fresh out of the refrigerator in a frozen glass. It does not taste as good warm. I think I am going to experiment with my next can by putting it in a freezer then putting its contents into a blender as it starts to solidify. I don’t want an ice pop though. I bet with a consistency of a frostee, it would be an ideal treat on a long, hot evening.

Pluses for Pure Protein Shake are no nasty aftertaste although as the liquid goes down it seems a bit chalky. The chocolate flavor is not overbearing, but it definitely is chocolate. A case of 12 cans can be ordered on line for $26.95. The shakes can also be purchased in stores such as The Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Trader Joes and other health food stores. Other flavors available include vanilla, banana, strawberry, and cookies and cr?me.

Here are some nutritional facts straight from the manufacturer: Each can has 160 calories, 150 mg of sodium, .5 gram of saturated fat, and 0 grams dietary fiber. One drink supplies 100% of the minimum RDA calcium requirement, 50% of phosphorous, 10% of magnesium, and 8% of iron in a 2,000 calorie diet. I just wish the manufacturer packed the drink with more of the essential vitamins and minerals that many people need to maintain good health. After all not everyone is using protein drinks to bulk up. Some are using protein drinks to cut calories.

One thing I really enjoyed about my Pure Protein Shake, I was not hungry after I finished it for quite a while. I hate being hungry, don’t you?

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