Wondering What Disability Insurance Is?

In today’s economy every income counts. When a worker gets sick or injured and can’t work, sick days are great; however, they do not last forever. Once used up, there is no paycheck coming in while expenses and bills keep running up unless that man or woman has disability insurance on which to fall back.

What is disability insurance? It is an income protection plan that someone buys so he has money for such medical emergencies. It can be short term or long range. It can be for little coverage or as much as the insured normally earns. The premium tells a lot about just how right the coverage is.

2 thoughts on “Wondering What Disability Insurance Is?

  1.  Jan,

           Before I regtired I had such a plan, self-paid.  It saved me when I got sick and had no time left.



  2. I just talked my employer into buying this coverage for me. I am now a 52 yr old women with a husband who is not in good health and is on Social Security. I am not getting any younger and I need to know if something happens to me the bills will still get paid. There may not be SS when I am ready to retire so I may be working for many more years.

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