With a Little Bit of Luck

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I’ll be off again in a few weeks to a world of make believe and dreams. I’ve started my packing already. The first thing in was a canvas flight for the bargains and must haves I intend to bring back. The big challenge remains–how to get everything else into one carry on. Airlines charge for checked baggage; some even charge for choosing the booked seat. Luckily I am also allowed by law a bag for prescribed medical needs. Without it I wouldn’t have room for anything. BUT, I still have to carry that one as well. I have a bungee cord ready to strap luggage on to my electric wheelchair. I try to be independent and mobile just like anybody else.

I am going light this trip. Already I have an empty plastic bottle, some individual drink packets, a snacks, candies and gum in a lunch bag. I will add a bagel perhaps and fruit into it last minute. I can eat what I want when I want and fare far better than standing in line inside the airport for a greasy burger or soggy sandwich that is over priced and under taste.

Sometimes I take a portable DVD player and some discs on long flights. Since this one is short and direct, so I probably won’t. The airline won’t probably be showing movies but will charge $5 for the earphones made in China probably that only cost them pennies at most. Therefore, I tucked my own set, one given me years ago and not fatten up the airline coffers, in with my ID. In case there is no show or one just not for me. I have a puzzle book and a hopefully good read ready to go. I’ve already bought batteries for my hearing aid…to choose whether or not to converse along the way or not be disturbed by others chatter.

I pinch every penny that vending machines, gift shops, and snack bars attempt to drain from my pocket without being cheap. Yes, I am frugal and mighty glad of it. I’ve made hotel reservations and arrangements for a shuttle from the airport. With no scheduling glitches, I’ll be poolside late afternoon then dining under the stars on a warm, tropical evening. I’ve planned to take one day for myself–to do nothing but relax and recuperate from responsibilities and stress. I’ve penciled in a second day for shopping for comfort foods for the room and souvenirs for my loved ones back home.

I’ll join up with my eldest son JP, his wife Aurora, and #1 Granddaughter later in the week. I’ll follow his lead then. I’ll pay for my own meals and entertainment. I probably won’t do quite as much as them because some places–no matter how they advertise it–are not in any actuality handicapped friendly. The biggest enjoyment I get out of vacationing with them is the time I get with my granddaughter. Boy is she growing up fast! That little girl is not a baby any longer. Soon she will be a young woman so I better enjoy her while I can.

I was raised on the old adage of “Waste not; want not” and stories of the not so great Great Depression. My parents told me about hard times. Too bad more parents don’t talk to their own kids. Too bad more kids don’t listen. The school of hard knocks teaches what one chooses to learn. However, today’s younger generation places little value on the wisdom of those who came before and too much credence on the advice of the peer group. Friends too often replace family. It’s hard in today’s world to be a good parent with offspring pulling against. It is possible though and worth any and every effort.

2 thoughts on “With a Little Bit of Luck

  1. Frugal just isn’t one of those descriptive words that sounds fun. Instead It is down to earth,  However, in this economy with people loosing everything, no jobs opening, and the economy at a low, it is good to know we can get by until better times as long as there is a house over our head and food in our bellies.  Fixed incomes can be a blessing.  Thanks for logging in. 

  2. There’s nothing wrong with being frugal. I am reminded of the old expression: Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without. Those are still words of good advice! Have a wonderful trip!

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