Who Uses Their Sunroof?


This summer I bought a new car and, boy, was it loaded. It had everything I wanted except a sun roof. Funny thing though about sun roofs though is that I have had them in all my cars and not opened them. This time I decided to be smart and only order what I need and use. For car accessories my musts were Nsync, automatic seats, and automatic lights. I got lots more too that hubby is into more than me. I’m curious. Who of you uses their sunroof?

16 thoughts on “Who Uses Their Sunroof?

  1. Birdie,

    Actually some are packaged as sun while others, moon.  I wish I had one though perverse me kept mine shaded….


  2. We never had a car with a sun roof. We did have a Miata convertible for a few years, so we got that wind in the hair feel for awhile! We liked using it better in the spring or fall rather than in the summer!

  3. Carrie,

    I have never seen a bee fly down then in just straight on.  Then IU open another one and he usually flies onut eventually.


  4. I thought I had to have one but I have had my car 3 years and maybe have used it 3 time. I have an irrational fear of bees and I am sure one would fly in my car if I opened the sunroof. Funny thing, last week my husband had the day off with our Wiggle bean and called me at work to tell me that a bee flew in his car window while he was driving, now I will never open my sunroof again. all I could say was TOLD YOU SO!!

  5. I never open mine but I really love having it there to shine the sun in through the window part of it. When I get in a car that does not have one they seem so dark inside to me now!

  6. NOM,

    I always thouoght I would as a convertible.  Turns ouot I don’t like eiher hats/scarfs/etc. or my hair blowing in my face.


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