What you see may not be what you get

fish lure

A deal is a deal as long as there is no switch and bait. Many promos are just that–something meant to get the attention of someone who wants the best of life but can’t afford it. The salesman promises the moon then doesn’t deliver. He cites problems. The one he fails to mention is that the sale was too good to be true. I know from personal experience. Watch out. Read the fine print. Cancel if terms change (they always get worse and never get better). A pool salesman ripped me off back in 1983 then took off to the big Northwest. Years later cops caught him, brought him back, and gave him a deal. It was a criminal case so I got nothing. I could not afford to get my own lawyer and file in civil court. Besides the statue of limitations came in.

Back then I was naive and thought I knew it all. I know now no one does. Take a look at the big picture and the competition. Maybe then you won’t get scammed.

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