Weight Watchers Blueberry Muffins

(package of three)
a bargain at about $3 per box

I am no health food junkie. I like to eat good food. I try to keep
fresh baked goods in the house to a minimum. They sabotage my good intentions about losing weight and they are addictive. Who can stop at one when there is a tray of delicious sweetbreads and pastries in sight?

But there are times like this afternoon that I want an afternoon snack
that will sooth my empty, grumbling stomach. I grabbed a diet-conscious muffin from the kitchen counter my daughter had sent over earlier. As I nibbled on it slowly knowing that she was going
to ask me, “Well, what do you think?”, I decided that I liked it.

Now I am especially partial to banana nut muffins; this one was
blueberry. (They also come in chocolate and banana nut.) So I was somewhat prejudiced while sampling.

Medicine and the media are telling Americans that our eating habits
are causing health problems and supersiziing makes things worse. So,
definitely I decided to weigh it first and check out its MDR’s. Good–2.3 ounces, 180 calories, three grams fat, 38 grams carbohydrates, and three grams protein–even a diabetic could eat this in moderation,

My senses now are giving it another look..
It looks moist not over-baked. Blueberries are visible too,
It smells the real thing not something made with artificial flavoring.
It feels moist and springy, obviously not dried up.
It tastes flavorfully sweet and tasty.
I think it is speaking to me saying, “Eat me. Eat me.”

From the first bite to the very last, the blueberry muffin slid down
my throat. It did not stick in my craw like some commercial plans
do. I am sure that I’ll be eating these again.

An unqualified thumbs up!

3 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Blueberry Muffins

  1. All prepared diet food is more expensive than regular food especially food made from scratch.  Any good cook can save money by doing it herself.  She won’t save time though.

  2. Box of 3 muffins for $3… Sounds like highway robbery to me. I guess it is because Weight Watchers has their name on them, so they need to keep the price high.

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