We Are the Habits of Our Lifetimes – Cheerios Circle Of Hearts Giveaway

I’ve heard that cardiac problems are the #1 cause of death in women. I had no seen a heart specialist ever. I had nothing to worry about — or so I thought. Then about a month ago a physician ordered several referrals so I could be medically cleared for upcoming surgery.

Off I went to the psychiatrist. He spent 2/3 of the 45 minutes he spent with me listing the medications I brought him and the rest of the time reacting to my statement I did not feel stressed as a child. That came with adolescence. (Ca chink from the human into the cash register.) Next it was a dietitian. I handed her what I wrote. She told me about dietary changes, both pre- and post-surgery. She encouraged me to contact her any time I wanted. (Nice lady, professional. On to see my pulmonologist. He looked at the results of some previously ordered tests. He talked with me about the pluses of having surgery, He wished me luck. (Good doctor, involved with his patients.) Then it was the gastroenterologist. He examined me and ordered tests. The upper endoscopy showed G. E. R. D. and the beginning on an ulcer. Another colonoscopy is on the way since the last one documented IBS. (Great bedside manner, thorough).

Last I visited the cardiologist. He reviewed stress and blood gas tests then gave me the jolting news. I had a heart murmur and two leaky valves. I am still trying to make light of this but can’t really. This old car’s engine needs a good tune up. He recommends lowering cholesterol and stress. I would have never known if I had not needed pre-op clearance. Worst thing is that there are 63% more like me who wouldn’t find out this year.

Cholesterol is a soft, waxy substance in fat in the bloodstream or cells. It clogs the flow of blood from the arteries to the heart. It is the major cause of coronary problems. When blood vessels are narrowed or blocked, it increases risks in heart disease, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. The body needs good cholesterol to help in the digestion of food, make hormones, and create Vitamin D.

Now how can people help themselves? Tobacco, alcohol, and limited physical activity worsen cholesterol problems effect on the body so life styles must change. Smoking and drinking must become no no’s; exercise, yes yes. How can people reduce bad cholesterol? Understanding that diet is a big component is the first thing. Make simple changes like eating beans, a vegetable sources for protein at meals and having healthy phyloserols like flax seeds and peanuts for snacks. Avoid foods high in saturated fats and trans fats. Limit all food from animal sources including cheese, egg yokes, fish and poultry to a max. intake of six ounces per day.

I was never aware of the risks for heart disease. Luckily I carry insurance, two different policies actually. I can afford to go to the doctor’s and have tests. However, there are millions of women in the United States who can’t. In today’s economy, there is nothing available medically for the working class “poor”. Something has to be done about this.

cheerios circle of helping hearts

The folks at Cheerios also think something needs to be done. Yes, I do mean Cheerios the cereal, a product I have eaten since I was a little girl. Cheerios is willing to donate $1 to help fund regular cholesterol screenings for women in need for every specially marked box of cereal that they sell. They recognize this is an important cause and want to help prevent deaths. Please pick up the Cheerios Helping Hearts box at the store. While you are waiting on the check out line, read the box. It explains its promo and clearly shows nutrition highlights and ingredients. When you get home enter the code from the box on the Cheerios Circle of Helping Hearts website. Every time you do so between now and January 31, 2010, Cheerios will donate $1.00 up to $200,000 to WomenHeart. YOU can make a difference for another woman’s heart.


Thanks to My Blog Spark and Cheerios there are three bracelets from Charity Charms waiting to be shipped to the winners of this giveaway. Each of these beautiful freshwater pearl bracelets features a heart charm to signify the importance of raising awareness of women’s heart health.


Leave a comment on this post telling me one thing you can do to help lower your cholesterol.


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86 thoughts on “We Are the Habits of Our Lifetimes – Cheerios Circle Of Hearts Giveaway

  1. Increase you intake of potassium will help lower your blood pressure. Eat bananas, whole grain products and drink your milk.

  2. Dear Dena,

           Lessening salt for blood pressure, bad cholesterol for the heart, simple carbs for the diabetes,fiber for IBS, no acids for GIRD,  etc. all help but really comoplicatee on food shopping and meal planning.  Keep trying though.


  3. My cholesterol is actually pretty good, but I have known people who eat cheerios and oatmeal to lower their cholesterol as well as limiting salt from the diet.

  4. Dear Carolyn,

          Anytime we help one another it’s great.  Our ancestors did not have the medical knowledge we have in this New Millineum.  






  5. Dear Carolyn,

          Just do yoour best and work toward your goals–set them for yourself  but listen to the advice of others then decide.  Good luck and stay fit.






  6. I can walk daily to help fight against heart disease and eating more healthy helps a lot. I walk currently from 4-5 miles per day I am not where I want to be but I am working on being healthier.

  7. I lost a grandmother and grandfather to heart problems so this is a real big issue to keep us all alert about. I think this is a wonderful cause and a great giveaway.

  8. Dear Heather,

         I am eating some kidney beans right now–I just made an eay chili from sscratch (akmost),  Since my granddaughter ate it as well as her father (two bowls), it must have been OK.  Hubby refuses to try it though.  Opinionated male can make his own supper tonight.


  9. I love their idea of replacing meat with beans to help keep your heart healthy. I am a vegetarian, so I do this quite often anyway with meaty foods, and now there is another reason to do it!

  10. Dear Debbie,

         Thanks for the visiting and thanks for the comment.  Losng seventy pounds in such a short time shows yoor determination to take care of yourself.  Good job.  You know that averages out to 2+ ppounds each week.  Losing will help with a lot of medical problems.  I know that my endocronologist says it will help with both my high blood pressure and diabetes.  My pulmonologist saus it will help with the bronchial asthma and sleep apnea.  My cardiologist says it will help with my heart problems.  My orthopedist said  long time ago that it will take stress off the bones and make wlking easier.And my gastroenterologist says it will help with my G. I R. D. and I. B. S.  (not the ulcers though since I still have my kids to aggrevate me–iinly joking).You are a winner already.  Hope yoou reach your goal.  Good luck.



  11. well two things i’ve been doing is dieting and walking for the last 7 or 8 months and i’ve lost 70 pounds doing it i’ve never thought about how i was helping my heart until now so thank you and CHEERIOS for the info and i will talk to my doctor to see if all is ok.

  12. Dear Mommy Magee,

         We are the habits of our lives not the treats.  A few chips in moderation will not destroy as long as balanced diet is the pattern.  I didn’t try to lose enough after my first and kept adding.  Now two generations later I am a candidate for a lapband.    


  13. Dear Katie,

         Exercise of any kind helps keep the body fit and burn off calories.  Excess weight complicates everything–making it harder on the body to function.  


  14. WOW! Who knew all this info about heart problems and women. yikes!

    I will try to start working on this right now by putting away the chips I’m eating. OOPS!

  15. Dear Teresa,

        I have more good doctors and specialists than the AMA does–only kidding.  The more I take diet and nutrition to each of them the same themes come up–shedding excess pounds, exercising. watching cholesterol, drinking lots of water, keeping carbs down, and including fiber.  Now if only it wqas as easy to put that all into one meal plan that tasted decent.




  16. Dear Teresa,

         Sorry for the typo in spelling your name before.  Glad for every visit.  Thanks.




  17. Dear Teresa,

         Sorry for the typo in spelling your name before.  Glad for every visit.  Thanks.




  18. Dear Wehalf,

         All fats should be monitored.  Still some fats are necessary for good body and bowel functioning.


  19. Dear Judy,

         I tried some sugar-free at Cold Stone that tasted like regular ice cream.  Since then I have found it under a few brands in the supermarket.  Splenda has helped the calorie counting as well.


  20. Dear Margret,

           Mediterannean countries  value olive oll.  It is my favorite.  I’ve cut down on all frying.  I have never heard the term oven fry befor–specifics plese.  I bake a lot of my meats now if I don’t rotisserie them.


  21. Oven-fry things with heart-healthy olive oil instead of indulging in deep-fried foods.

    Thanks so much for the chance,
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  22. Dear Katrina,

          Most of us not only can but should.  The pounds come on slowly one at a time then it is a battle to lose them.  Balanced diets and counting calories make for the habits of a life.



  23. Dear Janelle,

          I wish I could but as a diabetic I have to watch the carbs.  Some are just better than others.  I have to prioritize.



  24. Dear JLeslie,

          Welcome.  It’s great to get a chance to meet new people and make new friends.



  25. Dear Janelle,

         I grew up on unsweetened cereal and my favorite really was Cheeios.  Still is.



  26. Dear Leslie,

          Because a member of the family had PKU, a metabolic disorder treated by limiting protein drastically, sshe avoided dairy, fowl, fish, meat, and soy,  She did need suplements but did very well on salads, potatoes, rice, and veggies.  Bet you are in good shape.  way to go!  Hope you enjoy your cheerios.



  27. I lower my cholesterol by eating a Vegetarian Diet. Did you know that the Human Body actually manufactures Cholesterol? The only sources OF Cholesterol are Animal Sources, YUP.

    I became a Vegetarian 20 years ago, and I eat a variety of Fresh Veggies, fruits, whole grains, beans, and such. I walk for activity, often with The Hubster!!! My Cholesterol at last Check was between 107 and 111. My Dad was a Vegetarian also. Good Genes Help Too!!!!

    Great Giveaway!!!

  28. To lower your cholesterol, you can stay away from fried foods and get some exercise every day! Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. My cholesterol is actually good. The last time it was check it was about 167. I was amazed. But I try to keep a healthy diet of vegetables (fresh when possible) and I eat fish often, instead of red meats. I also am a religious wheat checks eater, to get my fiber. Also, I use soy milk instead of cow milk for my cereal. I don’t drink it very often, but do occasionally get a craving.

    That is everything I can think of right now. Hope this helps someone reading this comment. 🙂

    Thanks for doing the giveaway. This is great!

    – Teresa jane

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