We Are the Habits of Our Lifetimes – Cheerios Circle Of Hearts Giveaway

I’ve heard that cardiac problems are the #1 cause of death in women. I had no seen a heart specialist ever. I had nothing to worry about — or so I thought. Then about a month ago a physician ordered several referrals so I could be medically cleared for upcoming surgery.

Off I went to the psychiatrist. He spent 2/3 of the 45 minutes he spent with me listing the medications I brought him and the rest of the time reacting to my statement I did not feel stressed as a child. That came with adolescence. (Ca chink from the human into the cash register.) Next it was a dietitian. I handed her what I wrote. She told me about dietary changes, both pre- and post-surgery. She encouraged me to contact her any time I wanted. (Nice lady, professional. On to see my pulmonologist. He looked at the results of some previously ordered tests. He talked with me about the pluses of having surgery, He wished me luck. (Good doctor, involved with his patients.) Then it was the gastroenterologist. He examined me and ordered tests. The upper endoscopy showed G. E. R. D. and the beginning on an ulcer. Another colonoscopy is on the way since the last one documented IBS. (Great bedside manner, thorough).

Last I visited the cardiologist. He reviewed stress and blood gas tests then gave me the jolting news. I had a heart murmur and two leaky valves. I am still trying to make light of this but can’t really. This old car’s engine needs a good tune up. He recommends lowering cholesterol and stress. I would have never known if I had not needed pre-op clearance. Worst thing is that there are 63% more like me who wouldn’t find out this year.

Cholesterol is a soft, waxy substance in fat in the bloodstream or cells. It clogs the flow of blood from the arteries to the heart. It is the major cause of coronary problems. When blood vessels are narrowed or blocked, it increases risks in heart disease, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. The body needs good cholesterol to help in the digestion of food, make hormones, and create Vitamin D.

Now how can people help themselves? Tobacco, alcohol, and limited physical activity worsen cholesterol problems effect on the body so life styles must change. Smoking and drinking must become no no’s; exercise, yes yes. How can people reduce bad cholesterol? Understanding that diet is a big component is the first thing. Make simple changes like eating beans, a vegetable sources for protein at meals and having healthy phyloserols like flax seeds and peanuts for snacks. Avoid foods high in saturated fats and trans fats. Limit all food from animal sources including cheese, egg yokes, fish and poultry to a max. intake of six ounces per day.

I was never aware of the risks for heart disease. Luckily I carry insurance, two different policies actually. I can afford to go to the doctor’s and have tests. However, there are millions of women in the United States who can’t. In today’s economy, there is nothing available medically for the working class “poor”. Something has to be done about this.

cheerios circle of helping hearts

The folks at Cheerios also think something needs to be done. Yes, I do mean Cheerios the cereal, a product I have eaten since I was a little girl. Cheerios is willing to donate $1 to help fund regular cholesterol screenings for women in need for every specially marked box of cereal that they sell. They recognize this is an important cause and want to help prevent deaths. Please pick up the Cheerios Helping Hearts box at the store. While you are waiting on the check out line, read the box. It explains its promo and clearly shows nutrition highlights and ingredients. When you get home enter the code from the box on the Cheerios Circle of Helping Hearts website. Every time you do so between now and January 31, 2010, Cheerios will donate $1.00 up to $200,000 to WomenHeart. YOU can make a difference for another woman’s heart.


Thanks to My Blog Spark and Cheerios there are three bracelets from Charity Charms waiting to be shipped to the winners of this giveaway. Each of these beautiful freshwater pearl bracelets features a heart charm to signify the importance of raising awareness of women’s heart health.


Leave a comment on this post telling me one thing you can do to help lower your cholesterol.


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86 thoughts on “We Are the Habits of Our Lifetimes – Cheerios Circle Of Hearts Giveaway

  1. Dear Esther,

         I loved hot farina  or hot oatmeal as a child.  I just don’t enjoy the instant as much.  But it is convenient.


  2. I try to exercise a bit most days of the week and try to fill up on fruits and veggies so that I’m too full to want to snack on the sweets.

  3. Dear Elissa,

           My cholesterol is still Ok.  I don’t eat as many chips as hubby does.  Maybe that is a factor.


  4. My cholesterol is fine. My hubby’s – not so much. We’ve been eating lots of whole grains, veggies and lean protein.

  5. My cholesterol and blood pressure numbers were good (healthy) when I had them checked in January. I owe my good numbers to trying to exercise daily and cutting the JUNK out of my diet. I try to eat plenty of veggies and drink plenty of water.

  6. Dear Janet,

         Exercise is movement not gym.  Be active and the calories burn.


  7. Dear Janet,

        The bracelet is very nice.  II would buy one like it for my granddaughter.


  8. Dear Janet,

          Thank you for your kind words and support.  I am forwarding this on to my mentor and technological adviser no lidding.  I am used to writing with pen an paper.  The computer really is a big sstep up for me and writing on the whole.


  9. I added your button to my sidebar, but there isn’t a logo showing…..sorry! Let me know if I can fix it – would love to have you.

    Thanks for writing a great blog!

  10. Dear Wendy,

           A lot of people say that.  I enjoyed walking most in the city when I could window shop.  Most downtowns are gone now.


  11. Dear Beth,

           I know.  Avoid temptation.  It gets easier with time.  I am dieting day by day.  


  12. Dear Beth,

           In my day there was only one kind of Cheerios and not many sizes.  Now there are so many.  Which ones do you like/dislike?


  13. Such a pretty bracelet! I actually am eating Cheerios daily. I love them and I’m so glad they are good for me. Usually I crave foods that are not good for me.

  14. Dear Wendy,

           Even fat I could outwalk the rest of the family (including two athletic runners) until I had my job injury that destroyed my knee.  The best thing about walking is that the more you walk the easier it gets.   


  15. Dear Lisa,

          Playing with your kids is exercise.  Having had four of my own before the grandones, I know that for sure.  I used to love walking the baby in a carriage for miles.  One winter  it snowed so hard I couldn’t. so I put my toddler girl into a led, harnessed her, blanketed her, and walked her into town.  


  16. I try to eat lots of whole grains every day. My goal is to try to incorporate more excercise into my daily routine. It’s hard to find time with two very small kids, but I know it’s important.

  17. Dear Emily,

          Good eating habits affect every part of us.  It may take time for bad ones to catch up but most likely they will.  Kids should be exposed to diet and exercise while young so they avoid the health problems so many later experience.


  18. Dear Tamara,

         Once my blood tests showed my potassium levels as low probably from the blood pressure pills I had been taking.  They actually had to give me a piggy-back potassium fix.  After that it was a rx for a ppotassium supplement.  Then came bananas, the fruit I love year round.  


  19. Dear Tamara,

         I love the ine-mail.  It is fast. Through it  I was in contact with my son almost daily while he was overseas.  Glad to meet you.


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