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A big thanks to Mom Select for giving me the heads up on a contest that Verizon is currently running for residents of New Jersey and New York. Verizon’s currently holding the My FIOS Ultimate Upgrade Contest and the winner’s really going to win big! Those who enter could win a Verizon FiOS entertainment package up to $20,000, which includes a free year of Verizon FiOS’ fast internet connections, 55″ flat-screen HD TV, notebook PC and more. To enter the contest all you need to do is submit a short 90-second video about why your family needs an entertainment upgrade at The video contest is open to New York and New Jersey residents only, but everyone can register and vote for their favorite video submissions for a chance to win a webcam. Contest ends Aug. 16. Check it out at My FiOS Home!

I live in New Jersey and I’m entering. It’s tough to whittle a video submission down to 90 seconds. I’m trying though. Right now I stand at 4 minutes. Take a look. If I can ever get it under 90 seconds I’m submitting it. I’ll also share it with you here.

For those that aren’t up for video, read about my entry below.

When our youngest announced right after 911 that he was enlisting, I told him to finish school first if he wanted our OK. He did. He signed his navy papers and was slated for Pensacola when four hurricanes hit Florida in a little less than a month. So they sent him 3,000 miles away to the West Coast. We knew we wouldn’t see him much after that. His life was on the line. Seamen don’t make very much and their bills keep coming in. Still we never regretted his decision to join, but, more important neither did he.

LA worked hard for five years, five years our homeland was at war. He rose in rank to a petty officer. We were proud of his success. We prayed for him when he was deployed for almost eight months. We sent lots of packages during that time to him and his shipmates.

LA had set up a two bedroom apartment comfortably with a room for his baby girl whenever he had visitation. After support and the basic rent, utilities, phone, car payment and insurance–not much was left. Yet he made it work. His plan after discharge was to move everything back East and go to school. He saw that as the best way to provide for his daughter and get ahead.

Anyway we were just out in California a week ago saying some goodbyes and visiting. On the last day there, we stopped at LA’s apartment. It had been robbed, totally robbed. No, he hid not have any insurance–couldn’t afford it….

There is a warrant out for grand theft for the man several witnesses identified as leaving LA’s apartment with his kitchen set, living room furniture, clothes, electronics–everything. Television, DVD/VCR player-recorder, stereo, ps3, iPod, camera and video recorder. The man stole the souvenirs he brought back from the Gulf, even his bathrobe. The man even took the album he had with pictures of his baby being born. It’s all in the Chula Vista police report.

LA lost every tangible thing he acquired in his adult life. He is despondent and feels justifiably violated. LA has a kind and generous heart. He will help anyone. He knew the thief and had tried to help him. LA is truly a giving guy. He did a lot of volunteer work at his own time and expense over the years for the Legion Family.

We told LA he could move in downstairs for now to the apartment we made for my mother long gone. While our empty nest is filling, I wish I could do more for my son. A new home entertainment system would be a great way to help things along. Although he is down for now, he still serves the U. S. A. on active duty.

If I were to win, it would be for LA. I believe in helping the military and its vets. I hope you do as well.

8 thoughts on “Verizon My FiOS Home Ultimate Upgrade Contest

  1. Katie,

    I truly believe that whden one chooses to have a child that the child is a lifetime love and responsibility.  I thank God for all my childrenin good and in bad.


  2. Beeb,Thanks for the kind words.  I just feel so bad for him not just because he is my son but because it seems so dag gad unfair.  Worst part is no insurance and no money for him.  His goal was a better life for his baby and in trying to help someone else he got hurt bad. 



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