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I’ve never been much for lotions and potions. I never spent hours before the mirror applying makeup. I never had a lengthy cleaning ritual. Good soap and water worked wonders.

When my toddler son ET was diagnosed with psoriasis, I obviously applied the medications that his dermatologist prescribed. The rx’s for tar baths, ointments, and lotions cost a pretty penny, but they had to be bought and constantly refilled. Eventually the problem disappeared. We watched what we used using trial and error testing as we used various soaps, detergents, and lotions. The original formula for Avon Moisture Therapy sold then by only door to door reps was great. Then ET was on his own so I didn’t need all those extra skin care products.

It’s years later now and, with time and aging, my skin has changed. The ravages of sun were not a factor. I hated its burn which always lead to pealing skin. Once oily, my face and body are now parched and dry.

When I just couldn’t pick up some Avon at the local supermarket, I picked up Noxema–it’s smell reminded me of a sick room. Next was Neutrogena cream–good stuff but bulky for a handbag. After that it was Nivea– especially loved its body lotion and used it regularly for the last couple of years. Then my daughter Bunny gave me some Theraplex Clearlotion– fantastic stuff even if a bit costly that I’ve used regularly until recently. Now I’m trying Vasoline Intensive Rescue Clinical Therapy for the first time.

Vaseline Clinical Therapy

This is what I think of the Intensive Rescue formula as a skin protectant. Its cost is comparable to most name brand lotions on the current U. S. market. Using my various senses senses, I notice:

  1. The lotion’s smell has no fragrance and is almost odorless, a big plus for those with allergies.
  2. I don’t plan on tasting it because it is chemical. I?m sure that the warning mentions something about it possibly being harmful to children and people but I couldn’t seen the damn fine print on both the box and the bottle.
  3. Visibly it is non runny, thick, creamy, and white.
  4. It does not feel greasy when applied, another plus since oily skin often means oily clothes stains. I’m glad it doesn’t feel anything like the thick petroleum jelly product made by its manufacturer. Even though I applied it generously, it seems to have gone into the skin.

My hands, red, flakey, and itchy from washing pots and hands feel soothed. The parts of my body chapped from winter weather exposure aren’t scratchy and scaly. The packaging indicated that Intense Rescue is a hypoallergenic prescription strength product with ingredients including glycerin. Maybe that is why the palms of my hands are sticky to my touch. Still….

I hear myself thinking this product is well worth its cost and I would recommend it to others, I just wish it had an ingredient for sunblock.

BEWARE. This could cause a major health issue if the user is not aware. I experienced a problem after applying it with my hands to my arms and legs. When I tested for blood sugar, my numbers were forty points over my normal range. Retesting again and again they remained consistently high. Although I had rinsed my hands prior to having my blood taken, I did so again and followed up by repeatedly cleaning the area with alcohol patches. The numbers did then drop to my normal range. I know now to test my levels before applying this lotion.

Vaseline Intensive Rescue Clinical Therapy lotion is available in stores nationwide wherever other Vaseline products are sold and online. A 6.8 fluid ounce bottle retails for approximately $6.

7 thoughts on “Vaseline Intensive Rescue Clinical Therapy lotion

  1. I have had Psoriasis now for little over 4 years now. It is the heaviest on my scalp, behind my ears and 60% of my forehead. Itchy as hell.. Flaky and embarrassing. I was on a perscribed steroid which seems to work, but not good for me to keep using. Is there any thing over the counter, all natural that I could use instead? How does this Vaseline Rescue work? Will it the Psoriasis go away in time?

    1. It does last well and doesn’t need a quick second application. Foot care is especially important to diabetic. I recently was informed that the area between the toes should not be moistened with lotion.

  2. oh my you dont like lotions? oh i live for anything that smells good i love my baths its my relax time with 6 kids and a hubby i need time away lol

    1. lol–lots of luck or laugh out loud? I admire anyone who can organize themselves to raise six children and have any time at all. I too love baths and soaking. I have a lot of gardenia scents for my tub. As a kid, my skin was oily and lotions often made things worse. Now that I am ancient I need them for my dry skin. I bet you read when you can. Thanks for the visit. Stop by again.

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