Ultimate Blog Party giveaway

This giveaway is not only my first giveaway, it’s also part of the Ultimate Blog Party!

yoplus bag bottle


The winner will receive a Yoplait cooler tote bag, a water bottle and a nutrition journal.


Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite Yogurt.


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1 – Leave a useful comment on any post (except a giveaway post) here. Then leave a comment on this post telling me one thing you read or learned?while?visting?my blog. (That?s two comments you need to leave for?this bonus?entry, one there and one here.) Unlimited entries for this method of entry.

Leave an additional comment for each entry you qualify for. You must have completed the first entry according to the instructions to be eligible for any bonus entries.


US addresses only please. This contest will end on Friday 03/27/09 at 11:59 pm est. Only comments containing all of the requested information will be eligible for entry. The winners will be selected randomly. The winner must contact me within 2 days to confirm they wish to receive the prize. Good luck to everyone!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009


There are so many cool prizes to be won at this?2009 Ultimate Blog Party, but my top picks (so far) are:

19 ? a $50 gift certificate to Target Stores from? Shoot-Me-Now

41 ? choice of Simply Precious Photo Tile Necklace ($110) or clasp style Boston Locket ($185) from?Elemental Memories

21 ? $50 gift certificate to Target Stores from Agoosa – Funny Name, Sound Advice

22 ? $50 gift certificate to Target Stores from Beginner Baby Blog


106 thoughts on “Ultimate Blog Party giveaway

  1. Becky,

         Things were much different in stores when I grew up and there weren’t even many supermarkets other than the Great Atlantic and Pacific, AKA A&P.

    There were lots of food stores though in the city–butcher’s shops, vegetable stores, grocery stores. etc.  Most meals were made from scratch.  I don’t emember yogurt back then.  I know it was aroound by the 70’s though because of a great American TV commercial on yogurt in the USSR.


  2. Lisa,

         I eat my meals usually one thing at a time as opposed to mixing them together ala casserole.  Perhaps that is why I prefer the banana to the banana strawberry.  Still I buy thaat one when banana is off the shelf.  Enjoy.


  3. AJ,

         I am not the greatest cook but I know that there are many recipes that use plain yogurt as an ingredient.  Somehow I always think of it as the one I can add fruiit and flavor to.  


  4. My favorite yogurt is vanilla b/c I can use it as a base for so many smoothies.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Karen,

          I love parties too.  The best thing about this one is no garbage or cleanup and the price is right.  More later.


  6. Cheryl,

         I’ve bought other brans when I have a coupon but they just sit in the frig.  Yoplait custard is the best.  Great way to eat dairy.  I’m getting to meet a lot of great people.


  7. Leilani,

         What a beautiful island name!  I need to try mango.  It became one of my favorite fruits a couple of years back while in Florida on vacation.  I thought it was peach at first but so much better.  That’s logic for you.  Hawaii has so many flavors that never make it to mainland U. S. A.  See you later.


  8. Mindy,

         Yoou are welcome.  Any kind of berry–some more than others.  Enjooy the blog party.


  9. LJ,

         I started with 30 custards at the start of the month.  My grandsons love of custard yogurt has me down to four–I’ve had two so far.  Who says that kids don’t like healthy food?  I am enjoying the responses.  Thaks for dropping a line.


  10. Dear Emily,

          I love the commercial where the husband hears the wife talking about all the flavors and thinks she has been at baked goods.  I just made hubby a fresh apple pie.  It was a fiasco.  If I could only get him to try the apple variety it would be healthier and easier.  I used to hate yogurt.  Glad I tried it several years back.  Now it is a great staple in my frig.  Please visit again.


  11. Keitha,

         My kind of girl.  Raspberry is my #1 yogurt, fruit, candy, etc.  I was crushed when Costco stopped marketing its dried ones in their stores  Enjoy.

    Hope to catch up with you again.


  12. I like yoplait thick and creamy apple turnover. It really tastes like a turnover, down to the chunks of apples, but it’s only 100 calories.

    eeohlin at gmail dot com

  13. Kirsty,

         Key limes are  really cool.  They are almost as good as the real pies they make on the Florida Keys–key limes grow there and are a slightly different fruit than the ones in the grocery stores here in the North.   I have stuck mostly to the berry flavors  but want to try the dulce de leche which someone described to me as a flan of sorts.  A visit to your blog is next on my agenda.


  14. Melissa,

         My pleasure to host this and get to meet people like you.  I like most berry foods.  The strawberry ones remind me of the times we went out and picked fresh strawberries from the vines at the farms.  Thanks for visiting.


  15. Hi”  I like the Whipps.  They are light and rtasty.  My favorite though is the cutard ones.  Yum.  Enjoy this blog party.  Hope you drop by again.


  16. Martha,

    I just bought two cases of that for my grandsons.  They eat it like it is dessert.  Me, my favorite is raspberry.

    Thanks for entering the contest.  Hope to hear from you again.


  17. I love the Yoplait Whipps Strawberry Mist yougurt — I have several containers in my fridge now…..they make a great snack. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Hey cool blog and great giveaway!! Key lime pie is my favourite fav although the yoplait dulce de leche qualifies as a dessert for me too…mmmm…thanks for the craving!!

    Hope you will swing by my blog-I’m having a fab giveaway too!

  19. We only eat Yoplait yogurt – love cherry and strawberry banana! Great giveaway and thanks

  20. Nice to meet you. I love this party! Having fun blog hopping tonight! Love your site. My favorite yogurt is raspberry. Not brand specific just what ever is on sale. Can you tell I am cheap? My blog is about frugal living!

    Have a great weekend and happy blogging!

  21. Oh… I love yoplait since they have so many flavors you can choose from. Plus it goes great with my Weight Watchers as well.

    Hope to get to know you better :). Come visit me and have some banana pudding. Plus enter prizes too. Have a great party!

  22. Dear Catherine,

           Glad yoou surfed this way.  I personally hate plain yogurt.  Years ago I tried to flavor it with good things like honey without success.  I know that it is healthier plain but….  Anyway I love the custard ones, especially raspberry and banana.  One of the stores locally was triple couponing earlier this month and I bought 30.  I sent a case of 12 to my daughter for my two grandsons.  The teenager at most of them then complained he didn’t like the flavor.  Somehow I just don’t believe him.  Anyway I sent another case down.  My favorite is raspberry and second choice banana.  Hope yoou come back this way.



    Dear Jubilee,

    I’m still new at this and get lost and make mistakes.  I wish there was a good spell check to help edit my comments.

    Thanks for the warm hello.  It’s nice to make new friends.


  24. Dear Shawna,

    Nice to meet you. My favorite yogurt would be the Yoplait Custard Style Strawberry. I have two blogs, but I’m participating with the party at my book blog — Teen Lit Review. I’d love it if you stopped by.

    I stopped at your site.  It is great that you are promoting reading.  I will never forget a friend years go praising me for the reading my children did.  She asked me how I did it.  She couldn’t understand why her own kids didn’t.  I knew the answer but chose not to tell her afraid I wa losing a friend.  There were no reading books in the house and she didn’t tyake her kids to the library. Furthermore, she did not read herself.  Need I say more?  Promote reading and encourage parents to get involved.  Good job. 

  25. Nice to meet you. My favorite yogurt would be the Yoplait Custard Style Strawberry.

    I have two blogs, but I’m participating with the party at my book blog — Teen Lit Review. I’d love it if you stopped by.

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