Two and A Half Men The Complete Sixth Season DVD Review

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Two and a Half Men: The Complete Sixth Season

Available on DVD: August September 1

The seventh season of CBS’s hit comedy Two and a Half Men will begin Monday, September 21, 2009 at 9:00 P. M. ET/PT. Its 100th episode aired October 15. 2007. With its key cast members having renewed their contracts for still another three years, it may well be a record-breaking run. Multiple awards and nominations–30 Primetime Emmy Awards, 2 Golden Globe nominations, and the 35th People’s Choice Award prove that viewers just love it.

Two and a Half Men stars Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper. The show spoofs his bad boy reputation as a well-to-do, hedonistic player. Charlie plays a free-wheeling bachelor living the life in Malibu. He makes his bucks writing jingles and has it all–Jaguar, money, women. Then his brother Alan (Jon Cryer) breaks up his marriage and moves in.

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Cryer brings his quirky nervous energy into the second banana role as the tightwad father of then ten-year old son Jake (Angus T. Jones). He shares custody of the boy with his ex-wife. This baggage is the source of many comic moments. The living style and inevitable arrangements make for fun and laughter.

Angus T. Jones brings the reality of life and its accompanying irony into his role. During the season he was replaced by a monkey, had his first alcohol, burned Grandma Evelyn’s kitchen down, was the target of football player Jerome “Mad Dog” Burnett, deals with an “experienced” girl, and with a nine year-old who has a crush on him. Things like this are genuinely funny for everyone except Jake.

Last season Two and a Half Men aired 24 shows. Let me tag the first four for you to get you into a mindset:
#1 Womanizer Charlie wonders who that boy is who looks just like him.
#2 Charlie borrows money from Alan and is slow paying it back.
#3 Alan complicates life as he dates two women at the same time.
#4 Charlie pursues Alan’s receptionist causing problems for the office.

This is a very amusing show which has been caricaturised in Mad Magazine. Its 2008 seasonal ratings placed it #9 with 14.9 million viewers watching. You can own it. It is being released on DVD September 1, 2009. Previous seasons are also available in stores.

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Here’s a clip from Season 6.

10 thoughts on “Two and A Half Men The Complete Sixth Season DVD Review

  1. So many people I know love this show, but wish that they would make it more family-friendly. The writers are obviously very talented but they only seem to be able to write about one subject and I don’t want to explain it to my daughter!

  2. Night Owl Mama,

    When you read a review do you prefer just summary, just opinion, or a mix of summary and opinion?


  3. I have’t seen this show – I’ve only watched the commercial promos. It seems quite funny! If they renew their contracts a couple of times, they will have to re-name the show “Three Men”! LOL!

  4. I love this show – even though they are degenerates…but lovable degenerates 😀 Jake is sooooooooooo funny and Evelyn (well I’m grateful that my grand mother was Nothing like her). Gotta love ’em all!

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