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Hungry but dieting, I wanted something sweet today that would not blow my calorie counting away. With neither sugar-free jello or pudding made, I was at a loss until I came upon my stock of Today’s Farm 100% Natural Freeze-Dried Fruit Snacks. This product is a convenient alternative to canned, preserved, dried, and fresh fruit.

I grabbed one of the bags–apple cinnamon. The smell was decidedly apple no doubt about that at all. The taste was authentic too and slightly sour. Its texture was crispy, crunchy. I popped a piece into my mouth. As it dissolved, I thought it would be a great added to yogurt and cereal. Nutritionally it made sense. One individual bag (equal to 1 cupful) had 85 calories, 20 grams carbohydrates, and 0 grams protein.

The Today’s Farm food line also includes strawberry, pineapple, and peach with others to be added as the market expands. Busy? On the go? Just pack it with lunch. Need a quick bite, grab a bag. Flash freeze-dried with water/weight removed, this fruit is light and portable, without any mess. What’s more it is natural, healthy, and has no preservatives. This snack is even gluten-free, making it the ideal snack for my grandson with Celiac Disease.

Today’s Farm Freeze-Dried 100% Fruit Snacks are sold in a four back Bag of Gold for $10 + SH. Other sizes are also available. Everything is delivered by UPS right up to the door. Justus Farm, the manufacturer, advertises a customer satisfaction policy allowing refunds and exchanges. Go to to order or for more information.

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  1. These fruit snacks sound delicious. I think the combination of a sweet fruit and a crunchy texture makes an interesting combination!

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