There Is No Magical Cure

genie lamp

If you were someone fat who found Aladdin’s lamp and rubbed it, when the genii appeared would you wish your excess weight disappear? Well, it really would be a wasted wish because without lifelong changes in your diet and exercise patterns, it would only reappear. Now you have heard that diet pills will cause the pounds to melt away. It is the same situation. There simply is no magic cure. Any drugs, both over the counter and herbal, in the wrong combination can cause health problems. For solid advice, go to your family physician who knows you and your medical background and ask him fir help. After that it takes time. The pounds you added over years don’t disappear overnight.

2 thoughts on “There Is No Magical Cure

  1. You are SO right!!! I know we have weight issues in this country but all the hype has pushed too many people to try dangerous dieting. I know how bad it can get…I was anorexic in high school, trying to live up to perfection and although I did not get deathly thin…it still COULD have killed me. TRUE also with some of the horrible diets and pills and gimmicks out there. What we do to our bodies to “fix” ourselves is even more catastrophic than the weight issue…and what we do to our souls by shaming ourselves is even worse. You are right…being overweight is a health issue to be taken up with your doctor or health professional. When will we learn?

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