The Ultimate Teacher Review And Giveaway

the ultimate teacher cover

The Ultimate Teacher: The Best Experts’ Advice for a Noble Profession with Photos and Stories (Ultimate Series)

Paperback, 278 pages
Publisher: HCI (May 4, 2009)
ISBN-10: 0757307973
ISBN-13: 978-0757307973

I recently was sent a copy of Todd Whitaker’s book, “The Ultimate Teacher” to review. It promised “The best experts’ advice for a noble profession with photos and stories. As a 35+ year public school veteran teacher, I was curious what insights the author would share and how practical the information would be.

As I read the stories about teachers who inspire, I was touched by the reality of “The Soul of a Award,” “The Odyssey,” and “The Hat.” Underachievement, rising to challenges, and giving of hope are realities within every schoolroom.

I reflected on uncommon teachers and unexpected lessons. I saw the importance of perspective in the tale “On Turkish Shores.” I felt sadness when I discovered the little boy in “Heaven Times Heaven” died. “Paying Dividends” illustrated one of the most important things I ever learned that good teachers teach children not subjects.

Teaching by example is something we all do–educators and family alike. Gabriel’s story “Picture-Perfect” proves the value of positive reinforcement. Tomaida’s success in “Tomaida’s Treasure” shows what is possible if one believes in oneself. Lois’s sweet memory in “Living Life Unretouched” reminds not to be fooled by the eye.

I was especially touched by the teacher’s caring heart selections. The truth in “To Touch a Child” is universal: make that child special. The lesson in “Bonnie”s Song” sings out: never give up. The moral of “Camp Ozanam” compels: recognize neediness.

As I pondered must-know information, I decided if I were an administer instituting workshops, seminars, and CEU credits, I would definitely make this book an option. What I found from years in the field is there. Issues like crisis, recommendations, poor reading, substitutes, hyperactivity, the gifted and talented, conferences, and planning are part of an educator’s job.


One winners will receive a copy of the book The Ultimate Teacher.


To enter leave me a comment telling me what teacher left the strongest impression on you and why.


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18 thoughts on “The Ultimate Teacher Review And Giveaway

  1. Dianad,

         I’m just a couple of years older ancd remember many of mine–Sister Emily who frightened me, Sister Grace Marie who did the St. Patty’s Day play. Sister Mary Roland who taught our all girl’s class, and Sister Alberta, my eight grade teacher who inspired me to do my best.  Then their were my public high school Engliah teachers, Mr. O’Connor and Mrs. Pulver, who gave me the love of writing and reading.


  2. I had a teacher in High School who was also my home room teacher. He seemed to give me special attention determined to see me earn a good grade. He was even a study hall supervisor and was constantly checking on my homework progress. I’m now 63 and I still remember well.Thanks for the wonderful giveaway

  3. My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Peggy Hartline, was such a sweetie. She was so kind and had such a good sense of humor that I think every child felt like her personal favorite. She loved to read books to us–not always your average 4th grader books either, but scary stuff by Edgar Allen Poe! She moved out of state when I was in fifth grade I believe, but I will never forget how she made me enjoy every day of school!

  4. Wendy,

         It wasn’t you–it was the values that those kids were expposed to and learned.  Yoou are stronger for it.  I know it wsn’t easy.


  5. The teacher that left the strongest impression on me was Mr. Hymesfiled from the 4th/5th grade. I was somewhat of an outcast in school, but a real egghead and he chose me to win the student of the year award and presented me with an atlas he personally bought and inscribed. I still have it and that was over thirty years ago.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  6. The teacher that left the biggest impression was my 8th grade math teacher. She taught everything in a song. I still rmember those songs today. So when I need to remember the quadratic formula, I just sing the little jingle and it comes right back.

  7. My entry is unique…

    The teacher that leaves the greatest impression on me, and I am a former teacher, is my young niece Sarah, who actually hasn’t taught in a classroom for a paycheck yet…

    She is a new teacher, and she is smart, bright, caring and PASSIONATE about the world, and the future of children. She wants to teach science to young people, to make them value the Earth as the precious home that it is, for all of us… and life in its amazing forms and variety.

    This book would be a treasure for her, she is courageous in a very complex world of teaching today!

  8. Karen,

           Of course, it is right to see things differently.  Everything has more than one side.

           My first year teaching I was the whole senior high English Department in a small 13 year school.  The next it was First Grade.  Then I moved down here and taught 7th for years then was moved to 8th for more years.  What state is she in?  Our job market here is highly competitive.


  9. My sociology teacher, Mr. Beall, inspired me in high school. He taught me that it was ok to disagree.

    I would love to win this book and give it to my future daughter in-law. She starts her first year of teaching this August.

    What grade did you teach?

  10. Mrs. Mommy,

            There are all kinds of teachers–classroom, the world, the home, even politicians (ugh).  You yourself are the ultimate one.


  11. I had many make impacts on my life…i also had bad ones but do respect they work hard and have alot to deal with. I love when there are teachers who show they are caring about the kids and truly communicate with the parent to help and to me there is one that has been great with all my kids who has shown that quality…so thanks Mrs. L

  12. Marci,

            Thjey are–it’s just that there are few to meat in small towns like yours.  They gravitate to where the jobs are.


  13. The teacher that left me with the best impression was actually my 2nd daughters teacher.

    My daughter went to a one room school house with 25 children from 1st to 4th grade. She attended the school for 3 years. Her teacher was simply amazing. All the kids helped with each other. They not only did the normal school activities, but they leaned how to sing, sew, cook, garden and went on some pretty amazing field trips which I was lucky enough to be able to chaperone.

    I just wish there were more teachers like her out there.

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