The Shrinking Dollar

The economy has hurt everyone everywhere. Go to the mall. Shoppers don’t have many bags in their hands so while they may be window shopping, obviously they aren’t shopping. Go to the supermarket. Check out the supermarket. Everyone knows eating is a necessity. Still look into the carts?pasta, rice, potatoes, beans, ground meat, chicken?no high end stiff. Specialty items, cold cuts, fillet mignon cost too much for most buyers.

Gas was so high that people couldn’t afford to drive their cars around the neighborhood much less across country. When a tank of gas approached $100 (sure it was for a big car), discretionary travel stopped. Then just around Christmas, prices at the pump plummeted. The same car filled for $30. Correspondingly airline tickets went on sale.

Now prices are going up again. People are getting hours cut, furlowed , laid off, fired?. A local church announced next Sunday it will hold a stay at home vacation day and invited the kids to come n their pj’s for fun.

A lot of people in the shore area don’t realize just how bad things are. Remember 1/3 of the population is senior citizens around here, s number surpassed only by Florida’s retirement centers. People on fixed incomes can get buy when times get tough. they know they may have to cut down on luxuries, but they are sure where the next meal is coming from.

Be thankful that you can afford any vacation. Most can’t. Enjoy yourself on the trip and hope for better times for everyone.

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