The Road Ahead – Our Arrival In Binoculars Country

The Road Ahead – Our Arrival In Binoculars Country

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It is 4:30 and, at last, the RV is fixed. It may be rush hour in the city, but we are back on course. The F-350 engine is purring since the mechanic replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter. It took him all day because he had to dump the gas tank and drop it. It seems Ford like most engine manufacturers now puts these parts into the actual tank.

It is a challenge to find a gas station in the city, yet we do before the needle hits empty. Once fueled up, we drive non-stop straight to Country Inns and Suites. It’s beautiful now, it’s a perfect time to take a road trip through Binoculars Country. How I would love to return in fall when the leaves change color!

country inns 754

Hubby cringes as he parks the vehicle. He realizes that our hotel sits at the edge of Arnot Mall and across the road from another two I have shopped ’til I drop in many years gone by.

Patti is on the desk. She greets us warmly and points to a sign. The sign has my name on it. It welcomes ME. Do I feel special!

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Patti offers us some of the fresh hot cookies that she just baked. Hubby munches on the chocolate chip ones, his favorite. Then Patti gives us a guided tour of the facility. It’s impressive.

country inns 753

I want to curl up in the lobby in front of the fireplace. It is comfortable, attractive, much like home. It has books not display ones meant for decoration but books for reading. I like that. It has local newspapers as well.

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The dining room is next door. Open 24/7 for complimentary coffee and other hot beverages, it is spotless. A big flat screen television hangs on the wall showing the news and weather forecast–50’s at night but 70’s during the day with a likelihood of rain Saturday. A desk, computer, and printer sits in the corner connected to the internet–no charge for guests.

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It is busy this week with lots of racers in the area. Hubby passes some of them sitting on the rockers on the porch outside the building. He brings the luggage to our suite. It is set up like an apartment, full stocked, bright, airy. Amenities include cable TV with two televisions and wireless internet.

Meanwhile I decide to roam the halls. I find a coin laundry with washers, dryers, and even a soak tub. Good planning. It tends to get muddy when it rains and visitors should plan on rain–average 3 inches in August.

country inns 751

Hubby finds me on his way to the ice and vending machines. He walks with me to the fitness room well equipped with weights and various exercise machines.

country inns 743

It is next door to the pool and spa. I long to jump in and soak.

country inns 740

I decide to wait, go back to our rooms, and feed hubby instead. We settle in then dine on sausage and peppers, my own home made recipe imported from the kitchen of Pat. I like having a refrigerator and microwave here. I plan to use it to cut meal costs. We relax and revise our itinerary for the morrow. Bedtime isn’t any too soon.

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