The New Supermarket

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What is in world-class supermarkets is truly amazing. The super-center is many stores under one huge roof. The departments are mini stores within the same building. Pet store, camping store, baby store, furniture store, stationery store, toy store, electronics store, bookstore, music store, grocery store, liquor store, garden and supplies, pharmacy, and the list goes on.

Walk down any aisle. Prices are great, and selections are wide and varied. I decided to check out the cosmetics section to see how it compares to a small mom and pop business. What I found was skin care products, makeup, and even shelves containing some of the best acne treatments. Prices were great but without the special service and person touch were misssing that small business people excel in giving their customers. Competition makes the marketplace what it is.

2 thoughts on “The New Supermarket

  1. Ann,

          All stores do that to remain competitive.  However, I think some do it more to kill competition.  Guess what happens after hat happens.


  2. I find mixed results with pricing at stores like these. After a while you get to know which stores have the best prices on which types of things. It’s convenient but sometimes I wonder if they’re luring us in with one type of thing and then getting us to buy something higher priced while we’re there because of the convenience.

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