The Mentalist Complete Season One DVD Review

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The Mentalist: The Complete First Season

Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) is The Mentalist, a police consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation in Sacramento. He is perceptive, brilliant, cocky, playful, tuned in to what is around him, and (irritatingly to colleagues) just about always right. This protagonist takes seemingly insignificant details and draws conclusions and profiles from them to catch the bad guys.

Patrick’s amazing observation skills and feigned paranormal abilities made the serial killer Red John his enemy when he mocked him. So Red John murdered Patrick’s wife and daughter five years ago. Red John remains free–the intelligent, unseen, showman antagonist who leaves his trademark a gruesome smiley face–to taunt Patrick.

In Season One this back story is pivotal in three stories. The twenty others center around a secret vault death, a casino owner’s severed hand, hit and run, animal testing, Wiccans, hypnosis, politics, a sexy con artist, a troubled youth camp and more…. Neither the plots nor the suspects are routine.

The script writers for this series are reminiscent of Doyle in their thoughtful execution of the small details which come together for the big picture. Using the science of body language kinetics to help solve a crime is real and happens.

Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) plays Patrick’s boss, the police woman with whom he works well and can trusts. The ensemble cast included Kimball Cho as interrogator Tim Kang, Wayne Rigsby as enforcer Owan Yeoman, Grace Van Pelt as rookie Amanda Righetti, and Greg Itzen as CBI chief Virgil Minelli.

In its premier season, The Mentalist ranked #6 with 17.47 viewers per episode. When it debuts again on CBS Thursday, September 23, 2009 at 10:00 P. M. EST, I’ll be watching once again. If you somehow missed this crime series, Season One will be released September 22, 2009, on DVD.

I am curious as to how the Red John story will come into play this year. Patrick Jane showed a sinister side of his own in his willingness to sacrifice even his own life to get to Red John. Can’t say that I blame him though.

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