The First 100 Days Of Obama

The President’s now been in office just over 100 days. A common question right now is what people thought of this time in office. For me, what stands out about them is the way he spoke on late night television. The comment comparing his bowling to the Special Olympics lacked style, sensitivity, and an understanding as to what the disabled suffer.

Anyone in the public forum must hold himself/herself responsible for any and every remark that comes out whether it be a formal planned speech or off-the-cuff interview question answered. We perceive and measure others by words. Those in power can create powerful images and make the world into a different place either better or worse.

A strong leader’s words can have an effect that can change the world tearing institutions apart or raising it to a far better place. The world of Muzzolini, Stalin, and Hitler was the holocaust’s genocide. The world of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and FDR was rights for all.

I support our country and its President. It’s Obama’s job to represent every one of us Americans–every person whether typical or not–not just the majority of every race, every creed, every religion, and every political belief. Our country was founded on diversity. It is based on freedom. Bias and prejudice do not help our people stand together.

I wish this were a perfect world. I wish every man and woman would work for the best. The handicapped (and there are so, so many classifications within that grouping) are a minority often forgotten. Why? Perhaps it makes people uncomfortable to see that everything just isn’t pretty. President Obama as a word leader should try in his time in office to bring positive changes. He just has to use the right words.

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