The Evolution Of Video Game Systems

Have you ever stopped to think game systems have changed since they first came out in the 70’s?

I remember the first one that we brought home. It was a early game systems with three games preloaded–Pong, Breakout, and Shot Em. Then there was the Atari 400 (4 bytes). Its graphics were poor; still we all loved Pacman. We couldn’t wait to upgrade to the Atari 800 (8 bytes) though. We thought it was so much better because there was better graphics and more game..

Competition between Atari, Phillips, Nintendo, and Sony moved the market. Technology was on the move. Tapes became cartridges which became discs. Mod chips and laser drives helped make game systems eventually become the ultimate home entertainment system. Blu-ray movie fans swear it is the best and most economical way to watch the movies short of a Dolby Imax theater. What next?

The original Sony Playstation was a 32 byte fifth generation game console when it came out in December, 1994. Supply was low and demand was high that Christmas, a trend Sony has remained faithful to over the years. Its successors include Net Yarozze, Playstation One, Pocketstation 2, Playstation Portable, and Playstation 3. Just about the time the demand for the current Playstation dwindles, another one hits the market bigger, better, and more expensive of course.

Blame it all on the free market, consumer demand, and inflation. Meanwhile, have fun playing your favorite game on your PS3.

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