The Disney Vacation Club – Why I Love The DVC

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Everyone of us at some time has been exposed to the marketing strategies and ploys of the Big 6, namely Bluegreen, Hyatt, Mariott, Sheraton, Mariott, Wyndham. They are the movers and shakers in the world of timesharing.

I am sure that you all have toured somewhere; I sympathize. Some slick hard sell salesman has pitched how owning where you vacation saves money. He puts on high pressure for you to sign on the dotted line for limited ownership and fractional property rights. Let?s face the facts. When multiple owners have claim for something problems are bound to arise.

A multi-hour presentation follows. Now if your sales resistance is high you think it is over once you say, “No”. Well, you are wrong. His boss comes in to explain to you the deal you are missing. You reject the offer again expecting to walk out the door. Now you must wait for someone to sign you off and out. Guess what? You still do not escape because a manager has to verify things. These people who claim to be realtors are like leeches. Only the strong minded can ever escape them. If they say an hour, bring a stopwatch. They cannot tell time and do not understand the word ?no? in any language.

I visited many different time shares over the years. The first was in the Poconos in the mid-70?s. Then came one in the Florida Keys. After that there were so many in central Florida that I lost count. The reasons I never purchased were varied and many. They still exist today. Prices are not in line with property value. Maintenance costs are inflated. Buying in means being committed to one type and size accommodation. Signing on means always planning a vacation on for the same fixed week. I kept walking away because it just couldn?t work for me. I am a free bird, AKA flexible. Timeshare isn’t.

When all was said and done, I bought a camper and toured the U. S. with hubby and the kids. A couple of years after that while we were staying at the Walt Disney?s Wilderness Campgrounds, we got an offer to tour its Vacation Club. I knew I wasn?t interested and wasn?t going to buy–bad karma from experiences with past timeshare presentations. But the comps for a free meal in an on property restaurant (no hotdogs but a printed menu to select from) appealed to my ever avoiding habit NOT COOKING. Boy did I ever get dirty looks from the rest of the family! All of us were off to see a Disney Vacation Club home.

Timeshare owners will be quick to tell you that Disney is not a good investment. They say it is because those who buy in have no claim on the property. What members have is the right to use. I disagree. I bought once and increased my points again and again. Why? What Disney offered was right for me. It was good business for me and my style of life.

I have gone to WDW at least once annually since 1985. Because my boys were very young at the time, I insisted we stay on grounds I knew two babies and an adolescent would not appreciate the long lines into and out of the park each time we left for the pool, for a nap, for a change of clothes?you know what I mean if you have any kids of your own.

I love Disney hotels any grade?Luxury like the Grand Floridian, Moderate like Port Orleans, or Budget like the Pop Century. Over the years I have stayed in most of them so I know what I am talking about. They are great as hotels but I wanted something more like a resort condo unit on site. Disney had one, actually several. Naturally I wanted to cut some of the expense. Don’t we all?

After I toured Old Key West and the Boardwalk I was sold. I could get a studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, or three bedroom grand villa for any length of time from a fractional week on to several weeks. I could get it any season I wanted, any time I wanted, even holiday time. The caveat was I needed the right amount of points. Fair enough; points equate money. I can stay on any DVC property in Florida or South Carolina. Ones are currently in the works for California and Hawaii. I can also book a cruise on points and make trades through RCI and the Buena Vista Trading Company for destinations across America as well as international.

I am happy with my experience as a DVC member. I would recommend my salesperson, Kelly Jo, to anyone. In fact I have done just that. She met with my oldest son, who bought several years ago. She met with a family member?s co-worker who bought a couple of years later. She met with a fellow Legion Family volunteer who bought in a year ago. There are no all day lock-ins with her. There is just questions, answers, and facts plain and simple. The product is what sells itself.

I have stayed on property in every size unit at one time or another, from just me to room maximum+. I have stayed in every season and utilized every point classification from economy’s Adventure to prime’s Premier Season . I have never been unable to get a reservation booked satisfactory to me (although once or twice I did have to modify things). I do not have to rent a car to get around or take time out to go to the laundromat. Disney transportation gets me around free. I get a washer and drier with the room. I use amenities like the clubhouse, pool, and recreational areas and enjoy.

When I am in a studio, the coffee pot, micro, and frig in my room allow me the convenience of home from a midnight snack to breakfast in bed to a quick lunch of left-overs. When I book more space than that, it is usually family time and a full house and a grand time at that. It was just a little over a year ago everyone got together for a land and sea experience. Every smiling face made it a once in a life-time experience hubby and my children gave me.

This is not a paid review. I have been a Disney Vacation Club member since 2001. This is what I learned after much research and trying out the product. I really hope you check out DVC yourselves. Ask for Kelly Jo and be sure to say, “Hi,” from me. We have become friends and keep in touch. People are not perfect and neither is anything else yet DVC comes close. DVC is the best arrangement out there.

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  1. Dear Karen,

         Thank you for the compliment.  I enjoy my DVC membership and use it thoroughly as often as I can.

         I really do enjoy traveling although airports have understandably slowed things down.

         Yes, I am in the picture.  I’m the woman in the black outfit almost center.


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