Starting The Car Buying Process Online Is A Big Time Saver

los angeles smog

When I was still a child myself, I saw a picture of a freeway in the paper. That awesome engineering feat amazed me then. It still amazes me now. There is a song what goes, “Only in America”. Well, only in California do freeways go everywhere and anywhere. The overpasses over passes are phenomenal. Twisted spaghetti truly is straighter than most of the intersecting roads.

Californians drive a lot more than people in other metropolises. It’s that way because east of the Mississippi the cities came first then the sprawl. However, west of the mighty river it happened in reverse. California has the toughest emission standards barring none. Its SMOG must be seen to be comprehended. Back in the late 80’s I took my first trip put to LA. My brother-in-law woke me up early and insisted I look out the kitchen window. I thought he was daft. I saw nothing. Periodically all through the morning he continued to insist I look out. I wondering why he had me casing nothing. About noon I discovered the answer. A mountain a mile or so away was visible. SMOG.

California has tough emission laws. I just explained why it needs them. The special anti-pollution devices installed in cars together with tough inspection standards helps the environment but not the wallet. That is why it is important to buy a good car at a good price from a good dealer with a good service department. Dealership come and go as urban space becomes more and more valuable.

Toyota of Poway is still out there in the San Diego area. This San Diego Toyota dealership is one unique place or rather way to shop. Check its website to see a complete listing of its new and pre-owned inventory. Have a trade-in? Then subtract Blue Book value. Need credit? Then fill out on line a secure credit application. Ready to buy? It’s time to go in and finalize the deal. I have bought many cars. Trust me, it’s a great time saver to be able to get the whole process started online.

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  1. I am just commenting on that picture. What kind of deal is that? Consider me LOST. The smog would be unbearable for me. So glad the Lord didn’t put me there.
    Marj M.

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