Special Training For Everyone

blank certificate of training

Some people think everyone needs college. Personally, I don’t agree. My sanitation engineer does not need a B.A. to pick up my garbage. He just needs some training. Actually, what everyone really needs is special training to get ahead in today’s modern world. Educators need a degree in their field. Scientists need knowledge to succeed in labs. Attorneys need the legalese to pass the bar. I know when I go to a doctor I check out his credentials. I wish I could do that as well with every technician. There is no paperwork hanging framed on the wall with the name of the medical assistant training school and a program successfully completed.

4 thoughts on “Special Training For Everyone

  1. I totally agree! Don’t get me started on the subject of “17 is too young to know how you’re going to spend the rest of your life”. How many people do you know that either changed their college major a half dozen times, or graduated and never worked in their chosen field?


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