Sneak Peak At The Medium Season Six Premiere On CBS

The Medium

Who would expect that after five successful seasons that NBC would drop The Medium from its lineup. Luckily for its fans, CBS has picked this drama up. Season Six begins Friday, September 25, 2009, at 9:00. Timeshifts can be confusing so watch carefully what is real vs. what is foretelling. Can The Medium’s heroine change fate?

For anyone unfamiliar with the show, Allison DuBois (Patricia Arquette) is a woman who experiences dreams and visions of the dead. Working with the Phoenix law, she used this psychic ability to solve heinous crimes. Her work is stress for husband Joe (Jake Weber) and children Ariel (Sofia Vassilieva) and Bridgette (Maria Lark). DA (Miguel Sandova) and Detective Lee Scanlon help her along the way.

In season opener, Allison is plagued by recurring bad dreams of a life alone ten years later with her family gone– slaughtered. A drug war between rival Mexican cartels is responsible for the carnage. Bad guy Castillo targets the families of his enemies. Allison must choose choice to quit and insure the safety of her family or follow the course of her premonitions and change things around.

Allison is ill, diagnosis brain tumor. Its removal now will mean no more dreams, no more visions later. Allison decides she needs her dreams to stop the bad guys and checks out of the hospital. She closes an old case–the murders of DEA Special Agent Daniel’s family–with a twist. In so doing, she risks her own life to change outcomes.

Allison then returns for her surgery. The operation is successful but the stroke that follows leaves her in a coma. Viewers are left hanging. The episode is TO BE CONTINUED.

11 thoughts on “Sneak Peak At The Medium Season Six Premiere On CBS

  1. Patricia Arquette is one of my favorite actresses and I like paranormal stories, I don’t know how I’ve missed this show! Thanks for telling me about it.

  2. That’s crazy that NBC dropped The Medium! They have lower ratings than the other big networks, so it’s strange that they would drop a well received show like this.

  3. That is so suprising that NBC dropped The Medium! They don’t do very well in their ratings compared to CBS and ABC, so it’s strange that they would get rid of such a well received show.

  4. I have not seen this show. It would seem than NBC’s intentional loss is CBS’s gain! What a celebration for all the dedicated viewers!

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